'Unskilled' Infantry to be replaced almost entirely by the TA.

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by dinosaur_poo, Apr 1, 2012.

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  1. Has the government finally lost it's mind? Just read this:

    Infantry Regiments to be staffed entirely by TA after... | Mail Online

    In it's latest purge of defence assets as part of defence budget cuts, the Tory government has revealed plans to staff it's infantry regiments solely with TA soldiers once the handover in Afghanistan is completed. A defence spokesman stated that due to the relatively unskilled nature of the work undertaken by infantry soldiers, and the success of deploying reservists from the TA in Afghanistan and Iraq in recent operations, it seemed logical that they cut the work performed by the bulk of the infantry to members of the TA, who can quickly adapt to the role when deploying to operations. Ceremonial duties, and specially trained units such as the Parachute Regiment, would however be unaffected.

    Defence Chiefs last night slated the plans as "criminal" and "preposterous", claiming that whilst the TA had been successful in deploying in small numbers alongside their full time counterparts, that they were largely ineffective when used as complete units; and suggested that many of the TA's officers and senior non-commissioned officers were out of date. The army is expected to reach a decision by the 31st April.
  2. Whats the date mate????
  3. wah.
  4. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

  5. Given how unskilled infantry actually are and the low proportion of them actually deployed on operations, I prefer the other option being considered by HMG of disbanding regular infantry altogether and simply adding their duties to the RE and RLC, thus mitigating the effects of the proposed reductions in RE to save 'famous' regiments ... obviously cannon fodder stuff can be left to the RLC and TA. This will have the added advantage of providing the nation with a body of personnel trained in engineering and logistics that will be of benefit to the nation as a whole. Should a time of emergency arise when we do require additional bodies on the ground, then our justly famous principles of the free market have ensured that simple weapons and driving skills can be found amongst the soljas of any gangsta-riddled chavestate.

    So laugh it up whilst you can, but you'll be laughing on the other side of your faces in 31 days time when the first of May becomes the first of Actuality.
  6. Every news story this past week has read like an April Fool, how do you spot a real one?
  7. The answer is obvious replace infantry arillerly and cavalary with the mighty REME :)
  8. What if they see this, and think its a good idea?
  9. DP. Film yourself attempting to stamp on your own head and post it in this thread for our pleasure.

    Only this can bring redemption.

    In eager anticipation...
  10. Little less April fool bit more future force?
  11. Bin the Infantry and use the same training, motivation and G4 techniques as the Russians in Stalingrad...

    Enemy at teh Gates btw.

    We could empty out the prisons quite nicely, and it would work grandly in Somalia.
  12. X59

    X59 LE

    HMG are probably more encouraged by the cost effective aspect of Reserve forces being deployed to Afghanistan, than anything else.

    What a winning strategy for the Treasury, to pay troops from PDT to POTL, then wash their hands of them till further required. No barracks, MQ's or Garrison facilities to provide and maintain.

    They'd maintain a small cadre of professionals to provide the training and leadership, and would be quite happy to upscale to meet the demand and take the hit on quality.

    Not that UK PLC would or could deploy troops without permission or support from the EU or Uncle Sam.

    Edited to add agreement with guzzijon that even if this is a joke, it's impossible to tell apart from every other 'serious' story.