Unseen WW1 front line drawings come to light


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Sorry if this has already been posted.

A series of drawings of front line positions made by a Royal Engineer during WW1 have just come to light.

Several papers have the details but Guardian gallery here may be of interest to Great War students.

Le Chevre
Just been reading this, and it came on the ITV news at the same time, spooky!

Hard to believe what was expected of these guys, absolutely amazing, especially the bit about replacing a shattered tree in no mans land with a fake one to be used as an OP, BLOODY HELL!

BUT......hard not to be reminded of the Slackbladder episode where the boys became sketch artists.
Gotta point this one out though... Burnt Nazi Book?? WTF?

I hope some of the proceeds go to the appropriate charity. Amazing work though!

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