UNs Sudan envoy told to leave

The Sudanese government has given Jan Pronk, the United Nations envoy to the country, three days to leave, Sudan's official news agency says.

Ali al-Sadig, spokesman for the Sudanese foreign ministry, said that Pronk had been told to leave because of statements the UN envoy had written on his website.

Sunday's move follows accusations by the country's general command last week that Pronk, UN chief Kofi Annan's personal representative in Sudan, was "openly intruding in the armed forces' affair".

The Sudanese military said in a statement that it considers the envoy's presence and movements in Sudan "a military threat that adversely affects the performance of the armed forces" and declared him "persona non grata".
Well lets be honest the UN are no use anyway. This crap has been dragging on for years with no practical action by the UN at all. Special envoy of the secretary general... give me strength... :roll:

The sudanese government don't want the outside observers in because then they'll be held to account for the genocide they've commited. Much better to have the corrupt african union forces from their fellow corrupt leaders who will do nothing anyway....

The UN should either act or shut the fcuk up..... :roll: :roll: But of course they'll do neither...

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