UN's poor sanitation in Haiti

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jcarver007, Apr 6, 2012.

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  1. Following the cholera outbreak in Haiti which is strongly alleged to have been caused by UN Nepalese troops, I wonder if we will be on the receiving end of fictitious compensation claims over sanitation in the future. Not saying our admin is not good and also not suggesting that the Haitians claims are fictitious. But it makes you think that with the ammount of disease and often poor sanitation in parts of the world, could be a target for false claims in the future.

    Even if such claims are not true I imagine they would cause problems anyway. Wonder if there has been anything like this previously? Deaths in Haiti number between 2000-4500.
  2. The UK has already given them £20m,what else do you suggest we do?
  3. I didnt know we had. The cholera outbreak is nothing to do with us though.
  4. Haiti has never "enjoyed" being a former colony which would have seen it develop as a nation with all the infrastructure and administration that comes with it...........so Haitians are unable to ask "what have the......ever done for us"...........

    It is of course nice being "free" since 1808......but that's all it can boast....... give a man the means to fish is not much good if they sell the means to buy a fish
  5. A good point.
    Historically, wherever an army went, they carried disease-Nowadays, thanks to DNA testing, you can identify which uniformed mob brought the lurgy. (Nepalese are in the frame for Haiti)

    What DOES seem to be becoming a more common is the concept that foreign military forces have an underlying responsibility to tidy up after themselves. Note that (as usual) this seems to be restricted to organised, uniformed Western Judeo-Christian forces. Ragged militias are not seen as having the mental capacity or capability to do basic sanitation, and anyone expecting an Asiatic force like the North Koreans to bother with anything apart from committing atrocities obviously needs their head examining.

    However, since we are one of those Western Judeo-Christian 'good boy' armies, I expect to see an increasing amount of effort going into this sort of thing, especially as most of the UK overseas development budget is likely to be being spent in areas where the UK is likely to have a military commitment.

    Sanitation is a simple example- I've got an interest in water affairs, and in military terms it's also simple-Not just basic Health & Hygiene, but its part of the CBRN package as well. There are more than a few bio agents around that just LOVE sewage.

    What I think is increasingly complex is the whole range of industrial and military pollution that follows big armies around.

    At the moment, the basic treatment, even by the US forces is just a variation on the 'burn pit'. The problem with that is some of the stuff we are burning is MORE dangerous to us, and the local bystanders AFTER we have burnt it. Most plastics are fairly harmless-Burn them badly, and you get all kinds of dioxins and weird carcinogenics. Let alone all the stuff that seeps into the local groundwaters and wells.

    In a few years, the US (and probably us as well) are going to have hundreds of veterans reporting sick with a wide range of illnesses after breathing the fumes from their burn pits. Then the locals will start asking NATO to clear up some of the old campsites in Iraq and Afghan, and only then will some of the nasties come home to roost. And they WON'T be fictitious claims-Phil Shiner won't need to find some dodgy Kenyan ladies-of -the-night. There will be crud in the environment, and it will be ours.
  6. Has anyone informed sean penn?
  7. PS I'd p1ss myself if it was linked to the Argentines Mobile Field Hospital that has been operating in Haiti for the past 10 years!!!
  8. Or would that be a very p1ss like sh1t?

    Coupled with a technicolour yawn?
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  9. Spot on there Hector. I can see those lawyers jumping on planes to Afghan right now rubbing their sweaty hands together at the thought of potential multiple million pound lawsuits. And all it would take is some lax standards fromone lot who might think what the hell we're pulling out anyway.

    But when you think about bio warfare must be fairly easy to introduce pathogens etc and mess up someone's water supply. not sure I'd trust the advice that flowing water pureifies itself every hundred metres or so. Bottled water I think
  10. Every hundred metres? By that argument every river estuary should be cleaner than a very clean thing-Instead of being the sum of all the crap ever chucked in it.
    Most bio agents are weaponised forms of natural bugs. It's scarily easy to taint anything in the water supply, and once its on peoples hands...

    A classic example was the 1854 cholera outbreak in London-One infected pump killed over 600 people.
    1854 Broad Street cholera outbreak - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Given that most of the Third World is at roughly the same level of development as Victorian London, you can see how quickly even a 'natural' bug can spread. The problem in Haiti was that cholera was not native and the local population hasn't got much immunity, even though they are used to filthy living conditions.

    There are simple water treatment measures, but that doesn't take away the responsibility if we import some bacteria and let it loose on the locals.
  11. Didn't they do that in South America and even America by sending people in who had influenza, wiped out scores of natives as I recall from history books
  12. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    In the bad old days when ships' sewage was just flushed over the side, it always surprised me on a hot summer's day in Portsmouth to see dockyard mateys treating themselves to a lunchtime swim. They must have caught a dockyard trout or two in their time.

    I've just calculated that if all the turds laid on the Western Front 1914-18 were laid end to end, they would reach to the moon.
  13. I'm wondering if the there is any link between Haiti, the Argentine Air Force Hospital, Sean Penn as 'ambassador at large for Haiti' and certain comments made by an utter cnut in the world press regarding the Falklands.
  14. Smallpox infected blankets were sold to the American Indians, but that was deliberate. In most cases, its just non-native bugs that rip though unexposed populations.
    Over 90% of the New World Indians died. -
    Population history of indigenous peoples of the Americas - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    In the Middle Ages we gave the New World measles and smallpox. They seem to have given us a new and improved syphilis.