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Iran says ready to assist Germany in 2006 World Cup

Iran's Deputy Interior Minister in Security and Disciplinary Affairs Mohammad-Baqer Zolqadr announced here on Monday Iran's readiness for cooperation with Germany in sponsoring the 2006 Soccer World Cup in a meeting with his Germany counterpart.

According to a report by the Public Relations of the Interior Ministry the two sides during the meeting also exchanged viewpoints on issues such as narcotic drugs trafficking, Iran-Afghan borders, campaign against terrorism, and flights between the two countries.

Zolqadr during the meeting referred to Germany's accepted responsibility of reconstructing the Afghan National Police Force and the positive role that move would have in restoration of stability in Afghanistan and neighboring countries.

He reiterated, "Iran is one of the victims of narcotic drugs trafficking and confrontation with that nasty phenomenon calls for international will and cooperation."
The Iranian Deputy Minister said, "In order to achieve that ideal the pattern of Afghan agriculture needs to be altered and that country's borders should be controlled painstakingly, since those are the two main axes for uprooting narcotic drugs trafficking from that country." Zolqadr emphasized, "Serious cooperation of Afghanistan and its neighbors can not only lead to achieving that goal, but also to restoration of peace and stability in Afghanistan," adding, "Iran, too, has already contributed a lot in training the Afghan National Police Forces."
He also expressed hope that the meetings between the two countries' officials would lead to strengthening bilateral ties in all fields.

The Germany Deputy Interior Minister August Hunning, too, presented a report on measures adopted to ensure the security of the 2006 Soccer World Cup, arguing, "We have adopted comprehensive measures aimed at fully achieving that objective."
He added, "Security in any field has certain prerequisites, including security cooperation among various countries."
The German Deputy Interior Minister reiterated that the Berlin government is determined to strengthen comprehensive ties with Tehran, adding, "I agree with you on the point that launching a campaign against cultivation, manufacturing, transit, and trafficking of narcotic drugs calls for all-out international cooperation." The German Interior Ministry's security affairs delegation is scheduled to visit Iran's border regions with Afghanistan during their stay in Iran for professional purposes, according to the Public Relations of Iran's Interior Ministry.

The two countries' deputy interior minsters are scheduled to issue a joint communique at the end of the visit.

I can't help thinking , beneath the propaganda, there is a way in here. Iran are dancing around the houses admitting their internal drug problem is so severe, they are willing to discuss ways of sorting this out with infidel Krautistanis and by logical extension , us.

Is it a smokescreen for the Nuke programme? Possibly, but which is more likely to be the very real threat in the next year ? Iranian Nukes, or Afghan Heroin?
Welcome to the principle of functionalism, PTP. (See David Mitrany and Ernst Haas.)
PartTimePongo said:
which is more likely to be the very real threat in the next year ? Iranian Nukes, or Afghan Heroin?
Neither. I think the very real threat you're struggling for here is Fat Gordon.

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