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Unpublished Accounts of D. Day and the Battles in Normandy.

Swordman a WW2 veteran that writes in the Sapper page has a true account of the battles at first hand.....
So who is the moderator here to assist me where to place it if anyone is interested?
These are true historical documents by a Infantry Colonel.

The mod is listed at the top of the index page for the forum. In this case its PartTimePongo.
I reckon you're in the correct forum and should crack on. In the unlikely event PTP thinks your work belongs elsewhere he (in conjunction with other mods) has the power to move it.
Thanks for that. Perhaps he will have a word? What is on offer creates a lot of work for this old WW2 Vet. I don't want to waste time.
Cheers and thanks for your help

I wouldn't worry about where you put it. The thread at the end of the link below began life in "Books and Literature" before being migrated to its current home in "The Lamp and Sandbag II". It might also reassure you that there will be an appreciative audience for your output.

Rayc's Thread
Swordsman, go for it mate, can,t wait to see new thread, In fact I think some of the historical stuff put on here by you and others like Benghazi, should be published as it is a very important source of real history
Thanks friends for your postings. The Sapper thread that I posted, was taken from the book I wrote about the Normandy Battles. "Cameos of War" It certainly raised a lot of interest.nearing 78,000 at present.
I did think about having it published, after much promoting from the Sappers thread. But decided not to....It does seem a shame to make money out of a war where I lost so many friends.

The Lummis family feel the same. I am deeply indebted to the family in giving me the privilege to Post Colonel Lummis writings for all to see.

The new thread has been created, and I shall add a new bit of the serial everyday, (All being well)
Cheers and best regards to all.

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