Discussion in 'Bosnia/Former Yugoslavia (Op GRAPPLE, Op RESOLUTE)' started by Hitch, Nov 23, 2007.

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  1. Can anyone help?

    I am (once again) trawling amongst ARRSE users to see if there is anyone who might have any photos from the UNPROFOR deployments in Bosnia. I am thinking of building a website dedicated to this chapter of Balkan history as I think the efforts and sacrifices of the various Battalions and Regiments are fading from the public's memory.

    Would anyone be willing to supply me with their personal photos from the UNPROFOR tours? At this stage anything would be useful. Photos of 1 CHESHIRE BG especially welcome.

    I am not really looking for anything from IFOR/SFOR/EUFOR however, only in the time frame 1992-95.

    Cheers for your help!!
  2. I was with the Cheshires BG at Vitez. Not Cheshires but an Engr. I'll see if I have anything in the loft, but don't hold out much hope. Do you want them sent to you? If so what's the address?
  3. PM Sent, check your messages mate
  4. I was on Op Grapple 4, in Split, TSG, Vitez and Zepce. I'll have a rummage through the shed for the photo album. Where do you want any scanned pics sending?
  5. I was grapple 3, Vitez, Sarajevo. Think I have some video as well as pics.
  6. Split and Vitez...Ill dig some out
  7. If anyone has something and can scan the photos I would prefer to recieve then via email. Otherwise I can provide a postal address.


    PMs sent to the above replies
  8. May have a few from Sarajevo....I'll have a dig around
  9. I have some picture from BRITARTYBAT on Mount Igman in 1995 which I am happy to share - please send me your address.
  10. Ive got some from grapple 4 around koncar factory and Vitez
  11. Hitch, Check PMs.
  12. PM's sent to all above
  13. Arrrgh was not Cheshires BG was Bitbat more Engrs on that tour than Cheshires

    I was attached to 42 from 44 to build that sodding camp at Vitez with a side trip to GV and stops on the way for Happy Eater, Rourkes Drift, Little Chef et al before resting my head at TSG.
  14. Gorazde 95, send me a PM
  15. If you have any photos you are willing to send me, I'd appreciate a good quality scan if possible. A scan at 72DPI minimum is preferable, although 300DPI would be best.

    It would be really helpful if photos could be labelled with as much detail as you can remember (eg date, unit, location, what the photo is of, etc). I hope that something will be online at some point mid-2008.

    Cheers, really appreciate it!