Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Slightly_Nasty, Jun 4, 2005.

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  1. I always thought the qualifying time for the Bosnia UNPROFOR medal was 3 months, but someone claimed the other day that it was changed to 30 days. Tried checking a few medals sites on the net, but can't seem to verify this.
    Anyone out there know?
  2. UN medals usually attract a qualification period of 90 days. The NATO medals for FRY/Kosovo/Macedonia have a 30 day continuous service or 90 day cumulative period.
  3. Barbs is correct (as usual). To dangle the UNPROFOR chocolate monstrosity from your manly chest, you need to have 30 days in theatre straight (within the qualifying dates - basically up to IFOR) or 90 cumulative days within the qualifying dates.
  4. The UN has different qualification periods. Usually it is 90 days, and was in the case of UNPROFOR, but some are 180 days such as UNMIK (Kosovo). Furthermore, UN regulations state that the medal is only earned after 90 days if the individual was posted to the mission for at least 6 months. Technically, the guys in UNPROFOR who joined from training half way through the tour or who left after half the tour to attend a career course shouldn't have qualified. However, as the paperwork was all done by the respective Unit Admin Offices this wouldn't have been picked up by UN HQ.

    The UN, for all it's faults, is extremely strict on the issues of its lucky bag medals and the practice we have slipped into of sending the band on tour for thirty-one days or UK based training teams picking up a gong for four separate periods in theatre would not be permitted.
  5. Utter rubbish!

    Click here for the full story of the UNPROFOR medal.

    ARRSE - Great site but so much ill-informed garbage...
  6. ive heard that if you were in Bosnia on the hand over to Nato from UN u still qualify. I was subsequently not awarded a medal for that tour as i didnt do 30 days as Nato or 90 days as UN
  7. Not that I know of, G3 (But there again, I am Int Corps so would be the last to know!).
    No, I only asked because I spent almost 8 months out there in '95 and qualified for the NATO medal, but knew of others who did nowhere near that; they just happened to be there for the hand-over from UNPROFOR to IFOR, so got both.
    Sadly, I wasn't there for the handover period, but I did spend a mere 40 days on attachment to UNPROFOR in '94 as well. At the time, the qualifying period was definitely 90 days, but just been told by a colleague last week that they reduced it to 30, so that all them thar senior h'officers could get one too.
    Actually, I never had the cheek to ask for a UN medal before, only having done just over a month with the UN. But let's face it, we all know guys wearing medals that they didn't deserve. If the guys who were there for the handover got to wear both, when some of them only actually did 3 months in total, there'd be no harm in asking.
  8. UNPROFOR is a 90 day medal.
  9. LOL
    And having just read your last post, I am of course talking bollox.
    I did the short visit with the UN in 95.
    Must have done the 8 months in 96, because just realised I got married shortly afterwards, in early 97.
    (Don't tell the missus that I forgot our wedding date)
  10. He He

    surely it had then changed as of Dec '95 to the NATO medal?

    so either you did 90 days and got the pre Nato medal or you didn't and are wearing something you perhaps not ought too?
  11. HQ 24 Airmobile Brigade as then was were a bit cavalier/hit-and-miss about their medal rolls and admin could be slap-dash. The NSE stationery cupboard I inherited in Split in late 1996 contained a huge box of "do-it-yourself" UNPROFOR medal citations and "please take one" medals. It could have been quite tempting. I burned them all because I knew not everyone is quite as rigidly correct about these things.

    I know that at least one TA officer got both but really only qualified for the latter one - and that on a subsequent posting to 3 Div. He was also short-toured from there for being a total ARRSE but that is another story. I ran into him in Lodon the other day and he tried some "when we were in Gorni" shite on me but I cut him dead. I can be so show-biz at times, I even frighten myself.

    The point is did you earn it...only you know that what you put up is right or not. I often muse on this as I dress in the uniform of a Romanian Field Marshal with assorted Ghanain, Omani and Venezuelan decorations for social events. So far no one has challenged me but the bloke who comes to our dining circle dressed as a Ghanain Brigadier has looked at me crosswise a couple of times...I think he might be a Walt!
  12. "surely it had then changed as of Dec '95 to the NATO medal?

    so either you did 90 days and got the pre Nato medal or you didn't and are wearing something you perhaps not ought too?"

    Hang on, this is getting all confused now.
    I did the 40 days in Jun 95 when it was still UN led (I use the word "led" in the loosest form, you uderstand), and never got the UN medal.
    Then did March - October 96 with IFOR, got the medal after 30 days (and also a QCVS at the end of the tour, whic was nice).

    The last comment sums it all up nicely though, regardless of what I think about certain other people not earning their UN medals. When you compare me with those who did a full six month UN tour and more, you're right, I didn't really earn it.

    Although given the chance, I'd still probably wear it, because only we few would know the real truth :)
  13. To put a bit of a spin on things!
    Whats all this Non Article 5 ballox, been before so cant wear this one sorry mate!
    What not even the bar m'lud?
    Yet you can wear IFOR/SFOR, Kosovo and Macedonia all at the same time!
    But they give you the medal anyway.
    God id be polishing eight if it weren't for those pesky kids (looks nice against my Ghanian Star for sit ups too)
  14. Yes, yes, yes. I've been crawling around in ARRSE's attic and dusted off a thread old enough to be Jarrod's sexually abusive Sunday School teacher, however I have a UNPROFOR Medal question that I couldn't be arsed, through sheer slovenliness, starting a new thread for:

    A colleague of mine (who incidentally didn't know that the Honours and Awards segment existed on JPA) discovered today that the UNPROFOR Medal is listed there-in. In conversation he stated that, although he wasn't in Bosnia for 90 days during the UN's tenure, was there for the UN/IFOR mission change. Who (Clerk/Medal's Office) would have inputted this Medal on JPA? Another colleague who was in earshot also has the Medal listed for the same Tour. Neither were awarded (or wear) the Medal but JPA does have them listed.

    I'm assuming this is an historical JPA issue as neither were there for more than a few days before the end of the UN mission and didn't qualify. Has anybody encountered this?

    ....and no, it's not me; I'm far too crowish to have been in Bosnia pre-95. I was bluffing my case on Route Gull in 98 ;-P