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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Kent89, Mar 5, 2010.

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  1. Hello chaps.

    Just looking for a bit of infomation. Currently on the unposted list, pay slip says 'temporary HQ land TA unposted list 1' (Not a clue why I still get these, all it ever has is £0.00) however I am looking at transferring to active duty with another regiment.

    The question is, does anyone have a phone number or contact details of whom I need to speak to, to get the ball rolling? I've been pushed from pillar to post on the matter between the chaps I was with and the fellows I wish to join. It's all getting rather tiresome.

    What was 70 (Essex Yeomanry) Sig Sqn are telling me they have bugger all to do with me, as I'm no longer their property yet the chaps I'm looking at joining are telling me I need to get them to start the transfer process.

    Any numbers to get into contact with the unposted list will be great.

    With regards.
  2. 1. First find a unit you want to join.
    2. Fill out an AFE 7547 - Application to transfer (or Officer equivalent).
    3. Pass via PSAO to the OC of your new unit to complete Part D
    4. Unit mails transfer application to MS Reserves (UPL), MP 212 at APC with a covering letter for them to complete Part C and forward to your desk officer to complete the transfer.

    Points to note: You no longer belong to your old unit before the unposted list, they cannot and will not assist you. Your new unit will have to initiate the process if they want you as you have no way of contacting the unposted list directly, if they follow the procedure above there should be no problem even though in the case of a normal transfer Part C would be completed before Part D. If your new unit is in doubt they should speak to the relevant desk officer at APC (this depends on which unit you plan to join) or E1 Unposted list at MS6.

    PM me for phone numbers if you know the unit you want to join.
  3. JD150

    Thanks for the help, I will pass that onto the chap incharge of recruitment at the Honourable Artillery Company (HAC).

    The problem was that I approached them with interest of transferring over yet they didn't have a clue as to whom they were to contact and told me to speak to my old unit. Spoke to them and they said that I am no longer their property so they have nothing to do with me. Told this to the chap at HAC and nothing really has come of it.

    However, what I will do is email that infomation to him and hopefully it will help. Talk about f**k-about-factor.

    With regards.
  4. msr

    msr LE

    Serial Arm/Service TA/C VHQ
    1. Household Cavalry* .. .. RHQ, Household Cavalry, Horse Guards, Whitehall, LONDON SW1 2AX.
    2. RAC* ... .. HQ DRAC, Allenby Barracks, BOVINGTON, Dorset BH20 6JA.
    3. RA (incl AA Watchkeepers and Liaison Officers Pool, Unposted List and Staff Officers Pool) .. .. CVHQ RA, Royal Artillery Barracks, Woolwich, LONDON SE18 4BB.

    Assuming you are RA.

  5. Incorrect for once msr.

    CVHQs are national TA units. The unposted lists, A&B, are administered directly by MS Reserves in APC Glasgow. Contact details are on the MS Web section of Armynet.
  6. scaryspice

    scaryspice LE Moderator

    And when you went onto the Unposted list you should have had a letter from APC which tells you who to contact if you want to come off it, either to join another Unit or to retire/resign/join RARO.

    B_S is right - MS Reserves are the people you need to talk to first.


    '..the chap?' Fcuk off!

    'Can't find a phone number?' Fcuk off!

    ....and stay on the unposted list - best place for you by the sound of things.

    '..tiresome?' Do me a favour! Fcuk off!

    This is either a wind up, the previous 2 Star TA bod (Lalor) or an HAC refusnik, or a reporter....either way: Fcuk off.
  8. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Bad day on the Island, Mr_T?
  9. Actually, yes!

    Could you tell?

    Fcuked about by the 'Public Sector' strike and a host of other things. Nebulous comments by a arrse prodder tipped me over the edge.

    Edited to add:

  10. I can guarentee that it is not a wind up. I have been pulling my hair out over this. I approached HAC late last year but due to complications nothing has come of it..

    Although that being said, with the information posted in this thread it would appear that some inroads have been made.

    Thanks for all the help gentlemen.
  11. again if HAC need the number for the UPL at APC PM me and I will pass it on.
  12. You weren't really though were you Jeff? I may call you Jeff? :)
  13. You may.

    And I had my fingers crossed behind my back when I said it...!
  14. You have (another) pm
  15. No I don't.