Unplanned interludes on Remembrance Sunday?

Two top items for me.

1. At the Rifle Brigade Memorial, during the two minute silence, some geezer in chinos and shirt wanders up to the Memorial, puts down a newspaper, plastic bag, mobile phone, keys etc . Accompanies the local Police within moments.

2. In the Reggie church, during the sermon, somebody in No.1 Dress waking themselves up by emitting a loud snore.

A good day...
We had a young belmer in a wheelchair that went postal during the silence. Crying his eyes out, screaming at his grandmother to take him out. I felt quite sorry for him until my true nature took over and I started sniggering to myself...

Another comedy moment was the homeless chap trying to sleep next to the back entrance (of the church) whilst a group of stabs took the piss out of him...I must say, if I was homeless and trying to sleep off my meths hangover I would pick a better spot that right next to a massive stone alarm clock - there's no way I could have slept through all the bell ringing.

What's with the poetry sig Polar? You're not getting all sentimental in your dotage I hope!


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Couple of good ones involved watching a aged colonel's climb to the lecturn become an assault on the west ridge, and the young St John's Ambulance standard bearer nearly skewering an church attendent as he lowered his standard during the Last Post - I swear he took off a piece of ear :)

Oh, and sincere apologies to the RAMC major who got annoyed because the OTC were placed in front of his lot on the parade. Sorry sir, a big shouty man with a cap and a big shiny stick told us to. :D
My day was spoilt by a RAMC Capt who had his cross-belt on back to front. Couldn't concentrate during the silence - itching to point it out.
We had a local window licker display an incredible interest in the memorial during the chaplains bit she was shooed off by the legion and in her rush to leave nearly sent the parade marshall flying.
Just as the parade was marching through the roadworks on the High Street, an ambulance approaches rapidly from behind, blues and twos full on. As the roadworks have reduced the High Street to a single lane, this was the cue for the whole parade, including brass band, to leap onto the pavement, so the ambulance could speed through.

The RBL Parade Marshall, unsuprisingly took it all in his stride and carried on as if nothing had happened.
A few years ago this one, we're all in the large church in town for the service after the wreath laying ceremony. Halfway through solemn prayers a dog runs into the church pursued by its owner. The owner was wearing cowboy boots which didn't have a lot of traction on polished stone floor.

As he turned a sharp corner he lost his footing and fell over, landing on the dog which made its feelings known in rather vocal manner! Cue mass hilarity from the ranks......

I know the chap in question and he still talks about it to this day (no, it's not me!!)!!
Our War Memorial is a footbridge over the local river. Last year as the standard bearers lowered their flags at the beginning of the two mins, a sudden gust of wind appeared and blew the scouts' flag straight out of his hands and nearly into the river.

This year despite bets running on who would lose the standard, no gusts of wind, but amazingly some rather determined cyclists who decided they were going to fight their way past the standard bearers, rather than just hang on 20 minutes!

We've got quite a big RBL branch, and now there are only about 3 or 4 WWII vets, most are non-National Service from the late 50's - late 70's. A couple of the old guys are ex-RMP and insisted on wearing their beret's with their suits. Is it me, or do you just forget how to wear a beret when you become old? Cos these guys both looked like they were Mr Pastry, wearing baker's hats! :twisted:
...oh and I forgot the parade WO coming smartly to attention to lead us back from the church.

Except it had been raining (it is Wales) and he performed a rather odd jig as he attempted to halt, stamp in and give the command in his nice shiny, slippery boots :D

Fair play to him as I don't think the majority of the public noticed :)
Last year at Oxford when the piper struck up flowers of the forest, a toddler walked right out into the middle of the parade to investigate.
I half wanted the RSM to start roaring at the kids parents.
Instead a chap from the RBL directed her back to where her (hopefuly mortified) parents were.


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Cheeky old bloke next to me asked if I'd been a National Serviceman....I said I was 3 when it finished ....must invest in some hair....:-D

Me, an hour before the Service, trying to figure out how to polish the BACK of a Court mounted medal.....

Oh, and wandering around the graveyard just before hand....looked down....no medals ...they had fallen off into the grass....cue frantic fingertip search of wet graveyard.....

Didn't go down the pub either....
Bedford, and the senior fire service bod in his service dress, flanked by two of his fire strikers in working dress, bomber jackets and no head dress, who laid his wreath, stepped back and saluted smartly... swiftly followed by his muckers glancing at each other, across him, and each throwing one up as well.

Capped only by the parade marshall who marched the assembled multitudes from the town memorial to the South Africa memorial, halted the lot and then carefully and with massive deliberation turned the whole shooting match away from the wreath laying. Pause, two, three: "Parade will retire, About Turn!" I nearly dropped the wreath. 8O
As I was selling poppies in Lincoln, it got to eleven and I sensed something behind me- I looked around and a bloke was stood right behind me just a few inches away observing the silence. it made me fcking jump :)
chavette and older dike partner let their offspring run riot upto the last moment. several snarling persons guided smiley plod in corect direction to guide them else where. dross just shrugged, stuck its studded toung out and yelled at ickle bekka to gerrovererre. ugly as sinn to boot.
pomps said:
chavette and older dike partner let their offspring run riot upto the last moment. several snarling persons guided smiley plod in corect direction to guide them else where. dross just shrugged, stuck its studded toung out and yelled at ickle bekka to gerrovererre. ugly as sinn to boot.
Weren't you tempted to explain quietly that if it wasn't for those you were honouring they would have been gassed by the nazis?


We had two young children standing to attention pass out on parade.

The first was a young girl with the ambulance service, she hit the deck face first.
She knocked herself out cold for a couple of seconds and was quickly carted away by the medics standing by.
The sound of her skull slamming into the pavement reverberated around the square, quite horrid.

The second was a very small ginger lad with the boy scouts.
Just like the girl before him he kissed the pavement, his head bounced like rubber, and the impact sound could be heard over the mayors speech.
Maybe it was his bright red hair or that he’d managed to stay conscious and was wailing away like a mong who just lost his laboon, but I was really struggling not to crease up :twisted:
RM band guy piled in at the liverpool centotaph, my ex bootkneck mate quietly muttered "One up for the corps"

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