Unpatterned c95 - Ever made?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by muzungu_marlow, Dec 7, 2009.

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  1. One for the kit freaks. I've had a search on the site and havent found any reference to it. I have quite a few security guards out here, who spend the majority of their time outdoors in varying temperatures hot/ cold/ wet and have been looking around for a decent uniform system I can give them. As it's an offense to wear military uniform, I was thinking an unpatterned set of 95s would be perfect, but I cant seem to track them down. Have they ever been made either through the system or privately?
  2. You can buy black combats from all sorts of security stores, from the slightly-dodgy to the totally-above-board. Try Niton, who will also do branded kit for you if you want.

    Technically, you're right that wearing HM's uniform without authority is illegal, but I doubt there's been ten convictions under the Uniforms Act in the last decade. Security guards in DPM would look a bit odd though.
  3. Was hoping for the base colour of temperate, black would be brutal on a sunny day. I'm in spears country so it is illegal to wear any DPM, which is a pretty good system, maybe the UK should be more robust and it might end walt threads on this site, once and for all.
  4. Try Sass in Lancaster, they certainly make SAS smocks in a variety of colours. Might be pricey though.
    Failing that, how about the 5.11 tactical gear? MandMdirect are doing it dirt cheap at the minute and having used it I can say it is decent gear.
  5. Sussed it. If in doubt, buy German. Thanks for your help lads, but the old german field kit will be perfect and if Im feeling generous, chuck in a dutch parka.
  6. The swedish Army have alot of OG stuff ,they havent been in DPM for very long , might be worth a look also.
  7. As DPM will be obsolete with the new pattern coming out maybe there will be a surplus.

    Ever heard of a company called sabre supplies in Portsmouth? Any uniform in the world and they have some piece of it there. Ive seen a lot of OG stuff. A lot of police stuff too. Cheap as chips.