unpaid for T-shirts

Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by blessed baby cakes, Dec 13, 2004.

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  1. your T-shirts, the ones you ordered, are still to be paid for.

    can we cut to the chase and just have the cash please?

    anyone who would like bid on them,
    please feel free.....

    I'd LOVE to know what you'd do with them.....

    Shame it's the GPR that's suffering isn't it......


    Beebs :(

    PS to the OTHER 47 peeps who DID pay for theirs!!!!!! CHEERS YA BASS!!!!!! :wink:
  2. come on you bums, pay up, I cant believe that children are starving in Birmingham because you wont cough up the £20 for a t-shirt that was sent to you in good faith by Beebs.
  3. No, No, No, Foxy, what I said was.....

    ‘If the cheap barstewards try to spin me one more sh*t line to try to cover their cheap skate ways and don’t pay soon the shunts, I’ll feed their dismembered remains to starving children in Birmingham ……’

    Men, you NEVER listen!!!!!

    Beebs :evil: