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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Davemega, Apr 26, 2012.

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  1. Heres a good question , if I volunteer for 2 weeks TA work , but get told sorry we cant pay you for it . What fight can I put up to get paid , if any ?
  2. A bloody good one, volunteering to work is not volunteering to work for free.

    Unless stated otherwise at the start of the term of work it is reasonable to assume you will be paid for it.
  3. What sort of work? Courses?
  4. walkyrie

    walkyrie Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    This is the pertinent question. Are you trying ot make up days for Bounty? (Bit late/early?) Or is it a sailing/skiing jolly?

    Urm? Don't go to work?
  5. Oh FFS ! Ask your PSI !!!

    Seriously though, you CAN attend Training but voluntarily forego pay. It's called C1 trg which means that you are covered for injury (on duty), travel at public expense etc. C/2 Means that it is of limited value and you don't get travel (unless it's to Rifle Assn Meeting). in all cases it should be noted in the attendance sheet exactly what class of Trg you are undertaking. TA Regs 1978 (Amdt 35), Chpater 2 Annex B/2 refers.

    So, if you have rocked up to the TA Centre for 2 weeks work and it was on C/1 or C/2 Trg, you ain't got a leg to stand on and Her Majesty thanks you for it.
  6. US exchange, flights paid by the Big TA , but my unit has class ed it as unimportant training
  7. Ah a holiday then.
  8. Didn't anyone ever tell you never to volunteer for anything?
  9. So don't go
  10. Nah , just chinny up and not get paid :(
  11. I'm pretty certain I said that... If the TA say to an individual would you like to work between x and z date unless they state otherwise that soldier can rightly expect paying as it is the norm.

    However if they say you won't be paid prior to the work he has no leg to stand on as he could choose not to do the work.

    Does that clarify what I said?