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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by soxmis2222, Dec 10, 2003.

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  1. This morning I was passed yet another paper with reference to Unit Unofficial Websites. The paper also stated that all Unofficial Unit Websites are to be integrated into the Army Website by the 4th Jan 2004 and Units were to send a declaration stating that "I have no live unofficial websites in my possession sir!"

    The paper went on to say that only authorized unit webmasters could upload content to the Army website and must first attend a 1 day course which provides the underpinning knowledge to achieve this.

    Wow a webmaster in a day! I must have been wasting my time all these years. Alas the best is yet to come, what web authoring package does the Army webmaster recommend..... Netscape Navigator! ...Oh dear!

    I and many others run "Unofficial" Unit Websites which are well beyond the scope of Netscape. I and many like me have spent many hours coding the sites we provide using PHP, SQL, Java, Flash, Pearl etc etc.

    Are unofficial websites likely to comply with the current directive? I doubt it; I am told that you can only upload basic HTML which in computer terms is so outdated. So on one hand you have a fantastic database driven website incorporating user interaction with streaming video, built in SMS & Wap located on a 128 bit encrypted secure server or, you can comply with the directive and have a very basic page! Compiled by what is primarily a web browser. Hmmm are you a webmaster? What will you do? Going to comply?

    Has anyone attended the 1 day course provided at Bde level to add content to the Army website?

    I believe the British Army is teaming with talent in many areas which is in essence an untapped well of knowledge which could be harnessed to propel the military into the 21st Century and save millions of £££££ of the tax payers money. We all know how much money the Army throws away on second rate services when it has qualified tradesmen within it's ranks, if the Army was a PLC it would be in the hands of the receivers within 12 months in my view.

    Must dash, got to update some unofficial websites.....
  2. msr

    msr LE


    I run, so should declare an interest up front. I can see where the army is coming from: standards, usability, security etc, but as you rightly observe, you can't make a webmaster in a day.

    The biggest issue here is just how many of the webmasters-in-a-day are volunteers and how many were jiffed to do it?

    Ultimately any website lives or dies by its content and if they are not kept up to date they become meaningless very quickly, either as official sites or unofficial , however, they should not really be posting pictures of crypto

    I also believe that received two official letters within days of each other, one praising the site, the other requesting it be taken down....

    Finally, from a PR perspective, which is more memorable or

  3. i think you should all Bugger orf. You flood the Geeknet with unofficial websites, then people are going to start moving away from the likes of arrse. So stick up ya pumpa!!! Cheers Tiz
  4. msr

    msr LE

    Have we been drinking, Sir?
  5. The course is done online - and all page editing is done on an online page builder. To be quite honest, its that simple that not too bad results can be achieved with very little training - but i fully agree - you cant make a webmaster in a day.

    I produced an entire site running to over 40 pages using dreamweaver for one unit - once i'd finished i was told i had to use the acms system - more than a little annoyed with that. The people who dick you to be unit webmasters dont understand the work involved.

    The thing that annoyed me most about the acms system was that i was made to create all my pages in a template using CSS that dictated where all titles and pictures etc would go, and what colour they would be. The result is a Corps website where every page looks the same, it bores me to tears within 2 minutes of visiting it.
  6. Well said that man !! So very true !!
  7. lololol, how the fcuk did tey do that? :D :D

    Before they have a chance to take it down, the very official army page reads

    :D :D
  8. Now I like that one!!! Anyone any more where that came from? :lol:
  9. They didn't,



  10. Its very clever - right click the link and pull up its properties, it gives you a clue to how its done. Full respect to BFG for doing it :D
  11. Stop it, you'll make me blush.