Unnatural sex anyone?

Good Lord!! by the time i'd have drunk enough to be willing, i would have mercifully passed out 4 pints earlier!!

No wonder he's screaming during sex, so would i!! poor bugger!!



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Bugger! I thought this was an advert or a recruiting thing!
Each to there own.

I'll stick with the risk of blindness
any port in a storm
A_Knocker_Till_The_End said:
any port in a storm
It would have to a shitter of a storm to drop my anchor in that port :cry:
The courts slapped an ASBO on them and they have breached that, they have then appealed against that. Surely the courts have better things to do like prosecuting litter bugs.
Must have been "69" coz I'd hate to stare at her gob. Come to think of it - NO! A big FO NO!!!!


In my opinion, the conviction is perverse.
What is this country "cumming" :wink: to?
Can't have a decent shag now whithout being locked up!!
The lady was only enjoying herself.
If i were the judge, i would have orderd a demo, so i could see for myself what all the fuss was about!!
I am led to believe (by those who know about such things) that this problem is easily solved.

But having found that cache of Black Nasty, do not get carried away.....

Oh come on guys, she feckin gorgeous, Hic!! 'scuse me. BLOARRRRRG!!!!.
"She argued she had a right to "respect for her private and family life" under Article 8 of the Human Rights Act."

What about his human rights fcuks sake woman you could scare gargoils with a face like that you Geordie Minger!
According to measurement, The court heard Sunderland City Council recorded levels of up 47 decibels.

Threshold of hearing
0 dB

Motorcycle (30 feet)
88 dB

Rustling leaves
20 dB

Foodblender (3 feet)
90 dB

Quiet whisper (3 feet)
30 dB

Subway (inside)
94 dB

Quiet home
40 dB

Diesel truck (30 feet)
100 dB

Quiet street
50 dB

Power mower (3 feet)
107 dB

Normal conversation
60 dB

Pneumatic riveter (3 feet)
115 dB

Inside car
70 dB

Chainsaw (3 feet)
117 dB

Loud singing (3 feet)
75 dB

Amplified Rock and Roll (6 feet)
120 dB

Automobile (25 feet)
80 dB

Jet plane (100 feet)
130 dB

I'd be more concerned with the damge her face could do to your retinas!
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