Unmarried kids - looked after by army if the worst?

Just found out my ex(another story) partner is pregnant but has no problems with me seeing my lilun. At the moment im trying like a dogs horny left testicle to get back into the Army, would my child be covered on my l/i even if my ex is not?
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That's better, now.....

CavalrySwagger I think you really need to contact your welfare on this one, my eldest brothers children where all covered, he had to have a few legal documents written up as we all know the Army is still very Victorian in it's view of unmarried types.

Good luck and I hope it all works out for you and yours.

Beebs x
Pentwyn - I always take the main MOD site with a pinch of salt, being an ex-soldier anwyay I know what to expect of the public version
beebs - cheers, I will be talking to some folks tomorrow to see what can be done

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