Unlucky Tommy

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by brettarider, Dec 23, 2010.

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  1. Oh dear looks like Tommy has been found guilty looks like he'll be getting plenty of snout phone cards and KY jelly for Christmas now anyone who heard the reports on Radio Scotland yesterday must have thought he was wearing a tinfoil hat. Still anyone care!

    Tommy Sheridan has been convicted of perjury following a 12-week trial at the High Court in Glasgow.

    The 46-year-old former MSP was found guilty of lying during his successful defamation case against the News of the World newspaper in 2006.

    Sheridan, who once led the Scottish Socialist Party (SSP), now faces a prison term when he is sentenced.

    His wife Gail, also 46, was acquitted last week after the Crown withdrew charges against her.

    The verdict brings to a close what is thought to be the longest-running perjury case in Scottish legal history.

    Its beginning can be traced to Sheridan's successful defamation action against the Sunday tabloid in August 2006.

    He sued after it printed allegations that he was an adulterer who had attended a swingers' club.

    The civil case tore the SSP apart as 11 colleagues testified against Sheridan, saying that he had admitted attending the sex club during a party meeting in 2004.

    Sheridan won the case at the Court of Session in Edinburgh, however, and was awarded £200,000 damages.

    Two months later, Edinburgh's procurator fiscal ordered Lothian and Borders Police to investigate allegations of perjury during the case.

    During the investigation, the News of the World also published details of a video tape, secretly recorded by Sheridan's best man George McNeilage, in which the politician was alleged to have admitted visiting a swingers' club in Manchester.

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    31 October, 2004 - The News of the World publishes the first of a series of stories about the then-SSP leader 11 November, 2004 - Mr Sheridan resigns for "personal reasons" and later that week announces he will sue the paper 21 November, 2004 - The paper runs another story purporting to reveal "the real reasons" why Sheridan had stepped down 4 July, 2006 - Thomas Sheridan v News Group Newspapers begins at the Court of Session 4 August, 2006 - The politician wins his case and £200,000 in damages 1 October, 2006 - The paper publishes details of a video in which Mr Sheridan is said to admit visiting a sex club 16 December, 2007 - Mr Sheridan is detained as he leaves a radio station in Edinburgh and is charged with perjury 17 February, 2008 - Gail Sheridan is charged with perjury 4 October, 2010 - The couple's perjury trial begins 17 December, 2010 - Gail Sheridan is acquitted 23 December, 2010 - Tommy Sheridan convicted of perjury When the police probe concluded, Sheridan and his wife were charged with perjury.

    The resulting trial at the High Court in Glasgow, which got under way in October, saw dozens of witnesses give evidence against the former MSP.

    During the second week of the trial, Sheridan released his defence QC Maggie Scott and opted to represent himself - just as he had done successfully during the 2006 defamation action.

    Like the civil case again, a number of former SSP colleagues stated that he had admitted the sex club visit at an executive meeting of the party in November 2004.

    The trial also heard allegations of affairs with journalist Anvar Khan and former SSP colleague Katrine Trolle.

    The video tape, which Sheridan's best man George McNeilage sold to the News of the World, also formed a central part of the prosecution case.

    In the final weeks of the trial, perjury charges against Gail Sheridan were dropped and she was acquitted.

    Prosecutor Alex Prentice QC said it was no longer in the public interest to pursue them.

    The number of perjury allegations against Mr Sheridan was also reduced from 18 to six.

    As the trial came to a close, the Crown's case centred on three key areas - what Sheridan was alleged to have said at the SSP meeting in November 2004, the alleged visit to the Manchester swingers' club and the secret video tape recorded by Mr McNeilage.

    In a marathon closing speech, lasting five hours over two days, Sheridan told the jury that the Crown witnesses were not credible or reliable.

    He accused police of conducting "a vendetta" against him during their investigation and claimed the tape was a fabrication designed to incriminate him.

    The jury, however, chose to believe the Crown's case, and convicted him of perjury.
    BBC News - Tommy Sheridan found guilty of perjury
  2. ****




    Never make a large wager that Innocence will prevail.
  3. Well TS, Unlike Tommy you wont be losing your house and liberty
  4. And who could be losing his **** virginity :)
  5. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    There's a chorus in there somewhere. Are the pair of you gunning for the Arrse equivalent of Simon & Garfunkle?
  6. Not Tommy - there is a rumour in Manchester he was ridden hard with a strap-on whilst saying

    'I'm a naughty boy for fiddling my expenses, I'm a naughty boy etc, etc'

    Only a rumour of course!
  7. I am sure there will be plenty offers to look after Gail whilst he is away
  8. Everyone knew he was "Faking It" and he has crossed "the bridge over troubled waters" and wont be "homeward bound" for a while, andwhere he can dream of "Mrs Robinson" while his new cell mate calls him "Wake up Little Susie" "I am a rock" :winkrazz: :dj:
  9. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. ARRSE Cyclists and Triathletes

    How dare you! Filthy, bourgeois KY Jelly indeed.

    I'm sure a staunch socialist like Tommy will insist on honest, working class Swarfega.
  10. Well, that's the arrse dropped out of the Weegie sunbed market. I found myself in the same room as the bloke once and he came across (no, not that sort of room) as a Grade A chopper.

    He who lives by the grotesquely inflated ego dies by the grotesquely inflated ego.
  11. Can you elaborate ?
  12. Too right.
    Can't remember where it was in Glasgow I saw him "transmit" a couple of years ago (and no, it wasn't in a swinger's club!!); he came across as the most narcissistic, strong-on-rhetoric-&-emotion-but-short-on-substance throbber I have had the displeasure to ever have to listen to.

    A good result for the Scottish people, seeing this c**t banged up.

    Merry Christmas Tommy!!!
  13. In the early 90s I went along to a friend of a friend's party at a flat near Bellahouston Park and he was another one of the guests. Extremely full of himself, a bitter edge to his character and more-socialist-than-thou in his outpourings. He was well-enough read about the history of the labour movement but certainly didn't take well to anyone debating his interpretation of things. All in all, everything a stereotyped socialist is assumed to be on ARRSE.
  14. He's not the sharpest tool in the box. The theme tune on his radio show was "King of the Swingers" from The Jungle Book.

    I suspect the Scottish judiciary does not like having the pi$$ taken so Tommy can no doubt look forward several years of peace, quiet and rectal intrusion in the Hotel Bar-L that he can spend writing a "Mein Kampf" style epic. I mean, his political vanity project, Solidarity, secured nearly 0.25% of the votes in the last election that they stood in. He's the people's choice.
  15. Dear dear, how sad, what a pity, never mind.

    A politician vs journos is pretty much the definition of No Humans Involved. Merry fcuking Christmas, Tommy. Could'nt happen to a nicer guy.