Unlucky names

Went to school with a mate called eoighan kerr, sounds good as it is but was always better when our spanish teacher said his full name, but pronouncing eoighan as eoighjuan. made us laugh everytime and the teacher was completely oblivious. daft spick
Dwayne Pipe? Chip Schopp? Ann Jobb? All real, all former business associates of mine. chip was doubly privileged in that he shared a room with a guy called Fryer...


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Had a teacher called Gordon Bennet.

There is also a bloke in the Guildford telephone directory called F. A. T. Blabber (or there was last time I looked in the 2002 edition, he was right next to the Blackadder family.
I once knew a Mr Screech who was a dentist
Bart: [calling Moe's Tavern] I'm looking for Amanda, last name Huggenkiss?
Moe: Yeah, just a sec. I'll check. [calling out to the patrons] Amanda Hugginkiss? Hey, I'm lookin' for Amanda Hugginkiss. Why can't I find Amanda Hugginkiss?
there is an REME AQMS Cumber who answers his phone as Q Cumber
I served with an Int Corps Sgt. called Bob Crook, married to a colonial ex-spook called Barbara (I think). They had named their son Robin. I'd guess he'd be around 30 now, poor sod.
Isaac Cox
Carl Ling

were real people I knew
I once received a cheque that had the following names printed at the top:-

Brooke D. Trout and Lydia Brown Trout

I think Brooke's parents had a sense of humour and Lydia was probably good for a laugh too. I think I still have a photo of the cheque somewhere... :D
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