Unlucky names

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Liney_Lunatic, Feb 25, 2009.

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  1. can anyone else think of daft names that have crossed your paths?
  2. A mate of mine called Samantha refused to take her husbands surname when they married....on account of it being Bow.
    She didn't want to be called Sam Bow, particularly with her skin colouring :lol:
  3. I've been sitting here contemplating "Pearl Button" for 10 minutes and I still don't get it. Anyone else?
  4. was she a norse teutonic blonde then????
  5. Gordon Brown.

    I actually did know a bloke in the mob called Joe King. Apparently he'd heard the joke.

    Justin Eidelburger
    Willie Heckerslike
    Rosa Vines
    Wayne King
    Carol Singer
    I know a bloke called Shaun O'Hare. He's completely bald so all the kids call him Mr No'Hare
    And then there's the famous fingerless Judge - Justice Thumbs

    You could go on forever making these up. In fact if you listen to Wogan on Radio 2 in the mornings nearly everyone who writes in does so under one of these daft pseudonyms.
  6. Yeah, Shouldn't it be Pearl Necklace?
  7. must admit it doesnt seen the unluckiest of names to have, only thing i can think of is the reference to the clothing side of life. a more embarrassing one to have would be wooley jumper (wouldn't surprise me if someone has named their kid that either), now that would make me cringe. naming your kid after an ocean also has to be embarrasing too, a relative has named her daughter Atlantic, why ffs?
  8. :D
  9. A bloke in my section could easily pass for a SAS soldier. His name; Marty ten Bras :D
    And a new guy in my platoon : Maarten Rupert. poor guy..
  10. All very Porkies, school playground, The Simpsones, Et Al but I did serve with a guy called Michael Hunt. Was funny for about a week when he joined the unit. Subsequant postings in were told to shut up as it was very very boring.
  11. Michael Litoris beats Michael Hunt anyday.

    Mike Litoris
  12. poor b@stard, or is it lucky sod? not sure
  13. There was a lad at school called Chris Peacock, I never clicked on till the last year ! :oops:
  14. Gerard Cok was elected chaiman of Beate Uhse AG, the German sex shop chain, earlier this month.
  15. I went to school with a Wayne Kerr.

    poor little bugger seemed to have a chip on his shoulder about something...............

    just WTF are some parents thinking when they name thier kids??? or have they had quite sheltered lives??