Unlucky Mondeo driver!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Run_Charlie!, Mar 15, 2008.

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  1. Spotted this on the A1 near Lincoln...

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  2. The dark winter nights must fly by...
  3. not surprising

    you normally see this in green,REME recovery vehicle's pulling whole regiments along
  4. What is the point of that photo? Why did you bother posting it? Got bored touching yourself did you?
  5. *confused*
  6. note the mondeo on a truck being towed by another truck....
  7. Bugger, that's me failed the observation round then!
  8. Is that it? Get a life.
  9. ARRSE'rs are usually a lot more perceptive!

    Car breaks down - call the recovery wagon. Then that breaks down - call another recovery wagon!! Wonder how long it took the Mondeo driver to get home...
  10. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Well fcuk me with a cabbage. After all the boring shoit posted on this forum, in ALL the threads, what I really needed was a proper interesting pick-me-up to restore my faith in the humour, originality and initiative of ARRSE members. You know, something to brighten my day, pique my interest, make me laugh and add zest to the ARRSE threads as a whole.

    You didn't, now fcuk off.
  11. ...and taken from the driver's side no less. Naughty! :wink:
  12. Is that not just one of the gangs bugging out from the roadworks they were employed to monitor.. the free recovery thing?
  13. Looks like there's some faulty wiring on the tailboard connector. He should really pull over and call the AA. I presume the front wagon has recovery cover...
  14. I deduce, from the road markings, that the vehicles are in the inside lane of a dual carriageway. Oh the lights and barriers give it away an’ all.:blush:
  15. Think I will use this as wallpaper on my computer it's so exciting - not!!