Unlucky Fried Rabbit - its your favourite mammal!

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by EX_STAB, Jul 22, 2008.

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  1. Top dish. Prepare as follows:

    Shoot a rabbit. You will want a 3/4 grown rabbit, a juvenile or a "fryer" to give it the technical term.

    Skin as usual. Joint into: two legs, two saddle fillets (cut right up to the neck) two front legs/shoulders.

    Prepare the coating:
    A little flour, salt, coarse ground black pepper and a hefty dose of powdered chilli.

    Dust the meat in the coating.

    Using a large frying pan heat a little lard, add the meat. It can be helpful to place a lid over the pan to let the fat baste the rabbit thoroughly and to keep the heat and steam in. Start off hot and then reduce heat, turning very occasionally so as not to knock the coating off.

    Slice up an onion (thin slices) and add to the edge of the pan once the rabbit has started to cook. The onion should soften and become slightly "sticky" with the fat and rabbit juices.

    Accompanying vegetables.

    Take a courgette, sliced, and boil until it starts to soften. Add a handful of frozen peas and simmer until cooked (a few minutes). Drain and leave to "steam off". Add a little butter to the still warm pan (off the heat) and a spring onion finely chopped. Once the butter has melted, return the drained vegetables to the pan and toss in the butter and onion.

    Take some cold boiled potatoes and fry off in the fat of your choice.

    Serves two per rabbit.

    Cider is ideal to wash it down with.

  2. What if you can't find a rabbit? Will a cat do? They're about the same size.
  3. My mouth is watering here!

    *looks for a scabby cat*
  4. Works for the spring-links.

    Stab, sounds good, but try adding garlic and parsley to the mix.

    Beatrix Potter would have loved it.
  5. Not sure but will consider it. I can see the garlic going in with onion. Not sure about the parsley.
  6. For sale - domesticated Long-haired Persian, about the size of a juvenile rabbit, chicken-fed.
  7. Well proven combination over here, I use it a lot though I prefer basil personally.
    Alternatively you could chop up mushrooms -small bits-(or a mix of types of mushroom) fry in a little oil with plenty of garlic and parsley and serve as a side-dish to complement Topsy or Tiddles.

    Dwarf Tip. In cooking mushrooms you often get a lot of juice, if you have some dried ones as part of your mix it is a good idea to add them just at the end they then absorb the juice while cooking.

    Damn! I'm salivating now, - off to the kitchen.
  8. You can get two meals out of a scabby cat. Scrape it off into a bowl before you cook it and you've got yourself a heathy 'bran flake' breakfast.
  9. Try a shotgun. Get the f*cking lot of them in a one.
  10. Truly horrible. Therefore well worth 10/10 on the Humpytw@t scale.

    You weren't a mortarman were you? Because my brother is/was just like that.