Unluckiest Man alive?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by slipperman, Aug 15, 2007.

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  1. Would you want to be in Gerry Kelly's shoes? His ex-wife Angela Cunningham (looks like a lovely Glasgow lass 8) ) was confirmed as the £35 million Euro lottery winner. A grim-faced Gerry, who separated from Angela 5 years ago, refused to comment to the media today.
    Christ, he's going to have some sleepless nights!
  2. why she was a whore
  3. Fcuk me..

    Its Gerry Cunningham - She is now Angela Kelly (she has re-taken her maiden name. They seperated 9 years ago. They are still on friendly terms and I am thinking the kind of person she has come across as, she will give a wedge of money.

    Son is 14 years of age and is now the most eligible batchelor in Britain, little cnut!
  4. If invested very low to nil risk she would still get £1.7m-£2m a year in interest.

    The lucky Irn bru smack taking jock trollop.

    Whats the point in giving a Porridge wog all that money, she'll only end up cladding her house and getting a new throw over for her p1ss stained Ikea sofa.

    I'll bet it was Battered Mars all round last night
  5. M_D_N.
    Not like the Jocks then?
  6. You're only jealous. Deep fried Mars Bars are a real treat!
  7. They said on the news it was £21k a week in money after tax if she keeps it in the bank.

    MDN - are we a little bitter about a jock winning.... its a bitter taste isn't it ... lol :D
  8. get it up ye's ya fannies.
  9. Aye, wi you RMA1 :D :D
  10. I bet you she spends it all on her self and her family.

    Unlike John Smeaton who donated his forunes.
  11. Bullshit, 34 Mil will get you a lot of smack round Glasgow way. She'll have OD'd and left it all to her oick of a son by this time next Wednesday.
  12. Ah, the infamous deep fried Mars Bar. Used to call in for one on the way home from school. Invented in West Cumbria. In England. Donkeys years ago. By a relative (brother I think, who used to run a chippy when I was a nipper) of the late great Terry Peck, of Falklands fame.

    Let's see now:

    Curling - invented in Holland.
    Bagpipes - invented in ancient Mid/Far East.
    Deep fried Mars Bar - I'm sorry, but staking a claim for inventing deep fried Mars Bars is, in my opinion, scraping the barrel. Just a tad.

    Back on thread, good luck to the woman. Honest. :crying:
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  13. 'Bagpipes - invented in ancient Mid/Far East.'

    I refuse to believe that. Although it would make sense why the gurkahs play them. Never the less, the Military tattoo isn't held in nepal.
  14. You sure?

    It is one of the cultural festival of the Kathmandu City. Horse race and acrobatic sports and military tattoo take place at Tundikhel on this day." :)
  15. I read this in hope that it was the Belfast 'Gerry Kelly'.

    That would serve him right.

    That and cancer.

    Sadly a hope that was short-lived. :(