Unlocking Mobile Phones

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jockinese, Jan 4, 2006.

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  1. I dont know if this is the right place for this, but couldn't think of anywhere else. I have 2 Sony Ericsson K700i phones which I need unlocking. I am moving from an Orange contract to 02 pay monthly. The rip off cnuts at my local Orange shop want £20 each to unlock them!! Does anyone on here know anyone who does it or how I can do it cheaper without spending a feckin fortune ?
  2. car boot sale is normally a good bet find someone who sells phone parts he will be able to do it
  3. Market or car boot sale every town in the UK has some dodgy place that can do it for less than £10
  4. Alot of phone accessory shops in shopping arcades do it too, you know then kind with wall-to-wall Nokia crap and just one bright orange one for your sony ericsson 8O

    Mine was £10 from one of them.
  5. Do it yourself. Do an internet search for - free mobile phone unlocking and you will get lots of sites to visit. I managed to unlock a samsung the other week. You will have to try a few of the sites, because some of them have crap links, but some are well worth it. They might not be able to unlock an upto date phone, but its worth a try.
  6. If you have moved from orange to O2 then ask O2 to do it for you, they did mine !
  7. Watch it though if you take it to a 'dodgy' one. My mate put hers in for repair and they tried to give her a really battered crap phone in place of hers. After a few words they finally admitted they'd made a mistake and went into the back and produced her original one. Cnuts.
  8. be carefull if you use the internet to do it for free, if you get it wrong it can lock your phone!, far better to ask your provider to do it for you.

    Or try here http://www.military-mobiles.2u.co.uk/