Unlocking HTC Hero/T mobile touch and what apps?

I've got a HTC hero and apart from the shite battery life like the phone so has anyone used any apps and are they any good plus is there any andriod upgrades to try thought it's time to use the phone for a bit more than calls/surf the net.
Apologies if you know this already, but you'll be needing to go to XDA Developers for that ... its better than paying some chump to unlock your phone, and you'd be surprised what you can get
I like mine quite a lot - loads of useful tips and tricks here
Both myself and the Jade Dream have them and they're the canine's gonads. Once the next firmware update comes out (end of the month?) you'll apparently be able to use Google Street from it.

Must have's for me are Lookout (anti-virus app) and Where's My Android? which helps you track the phone down when you misplace it and can even switch the GPS tracker on if it's been nicked. It'll also cause a stolen phone to scream loudly when activated. :twisted:

HulloMail is a great way to avoid being charged for accessing your voicemail and Astrid is not bad for a personal organiser, if you need to manage your time closely.

ShopSavvy lets you use the camera to scan barcodes and then search the internet for the best price locally.

Google Sky Map is of no practical use whatsoever, but is so damned cool it's unbelievable.

In short, bloody brilliant. I was even toying with the idea of buying a Nexus 1 when it comes out in the UK.
Would also suggest replacing the default browser with Dolphin. It's a lot faster and more stable.
Nav4All - free sat nav ap, as good as anything else you'll find

My Tracks - with GPS on it tracks on a map routes taken for hiking etc, as well as calculating distance, time, elevation gains etc. Really usefull if you hike / run / cycle etc as you can download GPX routes and it'll work like a sat nav for walking

chompsms or handcent sms - if you dont like the standard sms package these make it add all sorts of extras

SSF - fakes sms messages on a timer and makes it look like it came from any number you want. great for the "your son is really ill" text from the wife 10 mins into a meeting ;-)

Remote SMS - over wifi enables you to send texts from your phone by using a web address. great for sending sneaky texts at work when the boss doesnt like personal phones!

I've had mine since launch date, fantastic phone. Just make sure you read the comments before downloading an app, and watch out for mongs who say apps dont work just because they cant understand them or dont read the description properly
Good stuff now were can I find the apps to download them with T-mobile so I dont get charged for checking voicemail however I cant set up google mail or access the android apps site from it BTW plenty of cheap batteries on ebay that's double the standard battery rating I'll be getting one of those
there is a way around the market apps without flashing and routing your phone.
on your phones browser go to http://slideme.org/sam2.apk and download "SAM". This is basically an android app portal and will enable to download free and paid for apps.
the most useful thing to do if not is find a way to get hold of the barcode scanner app (google it or com.google.zxing.client.android on your phone browser) then search on your PC for apps and use your phones camera to scan the QRcode (square barcode thing) on the monitor of your pc. this will take you straight to the borwser download on your phone.
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