Unlocking Codes for Nokia mobile.

Hello Chaps and Chapettes, would anyone know what 'codes' and in what manner one would punch into a Nokia N95 8gig mobile telephoney thing in order to unlock the badger?
Cheers for any suggestions!


My son got his done for a tenner at a mobile phone shop. But it obviously ain't difficult 'cos it only took a couple of minutes.
Cheers for the help chaps, being a typical Scot I wish to try and avoid the part of paying some person good Scottish notes to do something I could manage with some help and tinkering!!
hey sheep

I could give you a code and after you have put it in incorrectly 3 times then your phone will be bricked.

May I suggest you do not try the code as these are very difficult to find for a BB5 style phone and the network is the best person to ask to this type of unlock.

get some longer arms you tight ass
try nicking one on the same network your already on....thats what i do.... save a tenner
go to money saving expert he has some links just unlocked one of my old nokias using the link to trycktill.com hope this helps deefa
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