Unlocking 3G Datacards


Kit Reviewer
I've got a K3565 datacard on Vodafone for a new PC at work, but it doesn't work with the contract SIM I have to run with it - despite it being a Vodafone SIM card. It's completely fecking ridiculous, to be honest.

Anyway, I've found out that dc-unlocker (at dc-unlocker.com) will do it for me - for a small price. The thing is, I can't see that small price being authorised for purchase on a GPC.

Has anyone used dc-unlocker, and have a few spare credits (6, apparently) for me to unlock the thing and hopefully fix my problem? Or does anyone know another way around this issue, a free unlocker or whatever?

Basically I hit "connect" in the VMC Lite software (Voda's 3G connection tool) and it gives a 619 error. This is apparently a password error - personally I think the card is locked to the SIM and I've already filled out a bucketload of paperwork for this thing. I don't fancy doing much more!


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