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Ok, This may not be the right board/Forum

But i've just got a new phone(all singin' an dancin') but its on the wrong network.

How do I unlock it to use my choice of Network?

Any ideas?

I've done the usual Google/Ask/search engines , but frankly its gibberish

Help!!! :?


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Your better off just dishing out a 5er at your local phone shop (usually one of the pak... errr asian shops) my mate screwed his sony erricson trying to unlock himself, plus you gotta buy a special cable for it which can cost the same amount.


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mick_sterbs said:
Spend a £5 or screw-up new phone?

No brainer, MDN has Jan scrounge on

Yeah he bought his unlock codes from someone on ebay, was more like a CD with an algorithm, he also got the cable thrown in for about £10. Reason he locked it up is because those unlock codes were either fake or already used, and because he'd tried different codes locked it up.

So considering he bought the codes and they were fake, I certainly wouldn't try any free ones submitted by people on forums.

You could also get your operator to unlock it for you over the phone, but when i asked for mine (vodaphone) they said it would cost £30, so your better off getting it done in town if you can find the right place.