Unlawful service - what do I do?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by netleyned, Jan 15, 2010.

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  1. Brothers - Yesterday I was notified by the DWP that I was on limited rights to remian in the UK despite being born in Notts, having an NI number not begining with S, a UK passport and a War pension, as well as serving in the Gulf, East Africa and the Balkans. In short I've lied to the MoD about my national status, albeit unwittingly, what do I do? Do I send back medals, driving licence and passport? Where will I go? I fancy New Zealand as this country no longer wants me. Any suggestions?

    *Update* - Sorry about the lack of info. When I wrote this I was still smarting from the lack of help from the DWP. By virtue of the fact of their statement about having "limited right to remain" I thought hang on a mo' what's going on? I'm pretty sure last time I checked I was a UK citizen? As they think I'm not and won't help me sort this when I call due to having someone else covering the phones I thought screw this I may as well return everything as I've not earnt the right to have anything, and taking them literally, their statement in turn makes my service unlawful, following their logic. The whole thing proves to me that the system is beggered up and sure as eggs is eggs I want nothing more to do with it. It's a 2 way street. Hence the above, sorry for the lack of clarity and I hope it's not caused offence and if it has I apologise.
  2. You'll send back fcuk all if you've worn the uniform well and earned the right! British Legion assistance? Citizens advice? Your local MP (a good time with a General Election in the offing.) Don't despair Bro. Meet the challenge. Crack on!
  3. How can you "unwittingly" tell a "lie"?
  4. Take a ferry to Calais and then 'lose' your passport. Sneak back into Britain in the back of a lorry and, upon arrival, claim asylum. The government will wlecome you with open arms and gifts of money and housing. You will be able to stay as long as you want
  5. A little more clarity might be helpful
  6. Yes - on what grounds do they claim you have limited leave of abode - if you were actually born here, there are very limited grounds for you not having British citizenship:

    It's why, to refer to other threads, we can't deport that unspeakable cnut Choudary to somewhere where people live the way he wants to force us to - he's British (born London, 1967).

    And you didn't lie to the MOD, you innocently mislead them. Morally and legally different, even assuming DWP are right. Frankly, I think they've cocked up.

    You earned your medals (as do any Commonwealth soldiers, Ghurkas, whatever - even the RAF, as long as they don't get them for servicing aircraft in Cyprus!) The driving licence and NI card are an irrelevant - they are consequences rather than proof and even if you were a foreign national, you'd probably be required to get a UK DL after 3 years residency - even EU). Don't let the passport out of your hands!
  7. My other half is from Canada and we've spent the last year dealing with the immigration service and the CAB, etc. About nationality status for my daughter and for her. So been learning a lot.

    The rules are strange. If you were born in the UK after 1983 then you dont automatically get nationality and only get it through your parents, so if both of your parents were not British, you dont get automatic rights to stay in the UK, But what you are saying about having a UK passport dosent make sence, if you have a UK passport (not to be confused with BRITISH passport- there are different types IE British protected person, British overseas terretory etc) Then you have 100% rights to be here and dont even need to be making application to stay.

    Does your passport have 'European Union' On the top? if it does its a UK passport. You have the right of abode and can even clame the dole, in most member states of the UK. (and them here of course)

    More, much more, information is needed on your case, feel free to PM me and I will give you the info I have collected over the last few months.
  8. You are right - the rules are strange but, check s1 of the British Nationality Act 1981. If you are born in the UK and either your mother or father was a British citizen (check - father) or either your mother or father was settled in the UK (check both?) - assuming your daughter was born here and you are a Brit (your avatar is a bit American :) ), then she's fine. Admittedly, whole lot more difficult for your wife.

    I went through this as the employer of a Kiwi (British Citizen) with a Kiwi (non-British Citizen) wife and a daughter born here while he was working for me. Paperwork, I luvs it!
  9. Notts as in Nottinghamshire,England.Don't see the problem? Is there something you want to share with the group?
  10. When did the DWP start to decide whether or not somebody is British?

    If the UKPA (part of the Home Office, or at least they were) are happy to give you a British passport, what have you got to worry about?
  11. This is as clear as mud. The only conclusion I can reach is that despite being born in the UK, which by Notts I presume you were, you have at some time (the mention of New Zealand) taken out citizenship of another country and failed to disclose this! I suppose the MoD may see this as 'conflict of interest', but its just a guess.

    If my wild presumption is correct, and you have failed to inform the UK authorities, you have given bogus information. For clarification does 'limited rights to remain' translate into a threat of deportation? I suggest you seek some legal advice.
  12. my mum was born in kenya when it was part of the British empire.
    que sharp intake of breath from passport office :D
    er don't you mean commonwealth no the empire we ruled it :twisted:
    passport sorted :D
  13. My brother in laws place of birth is Nigeria
    As a middle aged white, softly spoken former public schoolboy type he constantly fails to fit into the image portrayed by his paperwork :D
  14. Does he have 55 million for me to invest for him?
  15. Sadly not :( If he had I would have helped him with it by now :D
    Normal sort of story in its day, his father was a civil engineer working out there.