Unknown RLC Cloth Badge

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Mike_2817, May 11, 2007.

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  1. [align=center][​IMG][/align]

    Does anybody know what this Round Embroidered RLC Cloth Badge is used for?

    Not an Officers Bullion Beret Badge or any of the Square Embroidered Other Ranks Beret Badges of the 90's

    Was shown an example at a Militria Fair in March, and took this photo with my camera phone, but with no explanation where it came from, or what it is used for.

    Or indeed if anybody has one to spare?
  2. Is it an early Royal Army Service Corps badge, from around the time that the "Royal" was added? Perhaps a blazer badge or something?

    RASC, or "Run Away Someone's Coming", as mentioned by Fletcher (Ronnie Barker) in the "Porridge" TV series. :?:
  3. If so, Why does it say 'WE SUSTAIN' in the scroll? and have the Ordnance Arms in the middle, and look identical to the RLC Badge

    Lot smaller than a blazer badge, in fact the photo is a little over-sized.
  4. Wah?
  5. Another variant of the cloth OR's either made as a sample along side the square ones then the dress committee deciding?
  6. When we first became the RLC we were issued with one square cloth embroidered RLC capbadge as the original metal ones were rocking horse dump....wore mine for three years till forced to wear a binlid!!
  7. Never had a probelm getting the metal one however at 1Gs had to have a cloth one downside was after a bit they got grubby looking mind you never stopped me wearing it up until I de-kitted :p
  8. We were originally told it was sta-brite badges for in camp and cloth badges for the field. This made total sense to me, which is probably the main reason it was stopped.
  9. Mike I've got 3 of them you can have them for £3.47 each!
  10. There was also the duty rumour that the cloth square badge was something to do with H&S for the fat splashers as the original stay-brite badge was basically 2 badges glued together and it was a hygiene trap if worn behind a servery.

    More likely it was just a case of no coherent dress policy = gash practice and everyone doing their own thing until told otherwise.
  11. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    The bagde is a trials version. A version in plain yellow was also trialled.
  12. Issued to cadets
  13. Can you expand? Which Cadets and where?
  14. Before comiting to the design... the MOD had these examples made to prove that you could actually knit 27 badges together. In a brilliant flash of inspiration they added the SU to WE STAIN at the last minute. It was also designed to make sure everyone focused on the centre.

    Sua Tela Tonanti.
  15. :D Oh goodie, send them to the same address you didn't send the 7 Regt patch to :wink: