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This soldier died in India 13th Sept 1893 in India. Any of you gurus have any idea of what Regiment/corps he belonged to? Old family shot turned up and no one knows his history really. So I thought of Arrse as a good starting point. Cant zoom in close enough for a decent look at his collar dogs. Any help appreciated.



Gunner. Thanks thats a starting point, he was from Yorkshire so obv a Yorkshire gunner regiment. I'll have to dig deeper. Cheers.
Artillery units in India in 1891:

Royal Horse Artillery
A Battery - Meerut
B Battery - Meerut
C Battery - Umballa
H Battery - Sealkote
M Battery - Trimulghery
N Battery - Mhow
P Battery - Lucknow
Q Battery - Umballa
R Battery - Kirkee
S Battery - Bangalore
T Battery - Rawul Pindee

Field Artillery
2nd Battery - Agra
5th Battery - Kamptee
8th Battery - Rawul Pindee
9th Battery - Cawnpore
10th Battery - Mooltan
15th Battery - Peshawur
17th Battery - Neemuch
19th Battery - Bangalore
20th Battery - St. Thomas Mount
21st Battery - Bellary
22nd Battery - Bareilly
24th Battery - Jhansi
26th Battery - Ahmednuggur
27th Battery - Ahmedabad
28th Battery - Kurrachee
31st Battery - Barrackpore
34th Battery - Allahabad
35th Battery - Kirkee
36th Battery - Hyderabad
38th Battery - Trimulghery
39th Battery - Ferozepore
42nd Battery - St. Thomas Mount
43rd Battery - Lucknow
44th Battery - Jubbulpore
46th Battery - Fyzabad
48th Battery - Nusseerabad
50th Battery - Campbellpore
51st Battery - Dinapore
53rd Battery - Kirkee
54th Battery - Nowgong
55th Battery - Kirkee
59th Battery - Neemuch
60th Battery - Mean Meer
61st Battery - Bangalore
65th Battery - Jullundur
68th Battery - Mean Meer
70th Battery - Meerut
71st Battery - Meerut
72nd Battery - Deesa
76th Battery - Belgaum
78th Battery - Saugor
79th Battery - Trimulghery

Mountain Artillery
1st Battery - Rawul Pindee
3rd Battery - Murree Hills
5th Battery - Umballa
6th Battery - Rawul Pindee
7th Battery - Quetta
8th Battery - Umballa
9th Battery - Rawul Pindee

Garrison Artillery
Eastern Division
4th Battery - Ferozepore
8th Battery - Allahabad
14th Battery - Rawul Pindee
15th Battery - Delhi
21st Battery - Fort St. George
22nd Battery - Trimulghery
23rd Battery - Jhansi

Southern Division
3rd Battery - Bombay
11th Battery - Bombay
18th Battery - Kurrachee
20th Battery - Barrackpore
21st Battery - Calcutta
24th Battery - Campbellpore
28th Battery - Agra
33rd Battery - Ceylon
43rd Battery - Ceylon

Western Division
2nd Battery - Quetta
6th Battery - Roorkee
11th Battery - Rawul Pindee
12th Battery - Kirkee
13th Battery - Mhow
16th Battery - Roorkee
22nd Battery - Bombay

The Army and Navy Gazette, 1891


1 and 11 Batteries Field Artillery were based in Sheffield at that time (to follow your Yorkshire theme), though there's no guarantee that your relative served with them at any time. The link shows the officers in the various Artillery units in 1891.

The new annual army list, militia list, yeomanry cavalry list, and Indian civil service list

By 1902, the ORBAT became:

D Battery RHA, Umballa
F Battery RHA, Rawalpindi
I Battery RHA, Umballa
K Battery RHA, Sialkot
74 Company RGA, Thobba
2 Mountain Battery RGA, Bara Gala
3 Mountain Battery RGA, Kalabagh
5 Mountain Battery RGA, Jutogh
7 Mountain Battery RGA, Jutogh

H Battery RHA, Meerut
J Battery RHA, Rawalpindi
1st Brigade RFA-13/Meerut, 67/Jullunder, 69/Muttra
4th Brigade RFA-7/Jhansi, 14/Cawnpore, 66/Jhansi
5th Brigade RFA-63/Allahabad, 64/Cawnpore, 73/Ahmednagar
34th Brigade RFA-50/Agra, 70/Bareilly
35th Brigade RFA-27/Dinapoe, 36/Barrackpore, 60/Allahabad
36th Brigade RFA-15/Fyzabad, 48/Lucknow, 71/Bareilly
38th Brigade RFA-24/Meerut, 34/Campbellpore, 72/Meerut
39th Brigade RFA-46/Meeanmeer, 51/Ferozepore, 54/Meeanmeer
44th Brigade RFA-3/Campbellpore, 30/Fyzabad, 57/Meeanmeer
45th Brigade RFA-11/Meeanmeer, 52/Jubbulpore, 80/Nowgong
42 Siege Battery RGA, Rurkee
43 Heavy Battery RGA, Multan
51 Siege Battery RGA, Rurkee
59 Company RGA, Ferozepore
65 Company RGA, Delhi
68 Company RGA, Rurkee
69 Company RGA, Agra
71 Siege Battery RGA, Nowgong
72 Heavy Battery RGA, Nowgong
75 Company RGA, Allahabad
77 Company RGA, Calcutta
85 Company RGA, Bararckpore
86 Company RGA, Multan
90 Heavy Battery, Campbellpore
91 Siege Battery RGA, Rurkee
6 Mountain Battery RGA, Murree

12th Brigade RHA-P & R Batteries, Mhow
41st Brigade RFA-32/Deesa, 33/Karachi, 47/Hyderabad
52 Company RGA, Bombay
53 Company RGA, Bombay
60 Company RGA, Bombay
73 Company RGA, Quetta
76 Company RGA, Bombay
82 Company RGA, Quetta
1 Mountain Battery RGA, Quetta
8 Mountain Battery RGA, Quetta
9 Mountain Battery RGA, Quetta

E Battery RHA, Kirkee
L Battery RHA, Secunderabad
3rd Brigade RFA-18/Kirkee, 62/Kemptee, 75/Ahmednagar
25 Field Battery RFA, Bangalore
37th Brigade RFA-31/Belgaum, 35 & 55/St Thomas Mount
40th Brigade RFA-4, 23, 49 Batteries-Trimulgherry
42nd Brigade RFA-29/Kirkee, 40/Bangalore, 45/St Thomas Mount
43rd Brigade RFA-1/Ahmednagar, 6/Secunderabad, 41/Nasirabad

Meanwhile, back in Yorkshire at that time:

15th Brigade RFA-5, 9, 17 Field Batteries, Sheffield
19th Brigade RFA-95, 96, 97 Field Batteries, Leeds
21st Brigade RFA-101, 102 Field Batteries, Leeds


Searching through their records should keep you busy for a while...
He's wearing spurs. The trousers look darker than the jacket, suggesting it's red? The "trefoil knot" on the cuffs suggests cavalry, as does the rounded front of the tunic. The trefoils also look quite thick, suggesting the gold braid of an officer rather than the yellow or white worsted cord of a soldier. The cap is a pill-box, commonly worn by the cavalry in undress. Finally, I don't think the devices on his collar are badges, but the pips of a subaltern. They were worn in this position in the late 1860s into the 1870s.
Bottom of the tunic and the shoulder straps are different to the gunner above. The gunner's are squared and shoulder cords respectively...

You could always send it in to the National Army Museum? They've got blokes there who could probably tell you who made the uniform!!
Gunner, the grenade collar badges limit the choice (ie not cavalry) and I think he's wearing spurs (ie a mounted regiment) which eliminates assorted fusiliers and sappers, reinforced by the riding crop, may indicate he was a Driver, Royal Field Artillery.

You may find his service record on Ancwstry.co if you have a reasonable idea of his name.
Without doubt a Gunner. Minor differences in uniform are not uncommon, particularly for units serving in India where older and locally tailored patterns were often worn. Collar bombs are the give away and the porting of the whip would indeed suggest Driver, RFA.

sorry to disappoint Small Man.



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