Unknown parka,can someone ID it please?

I received some pics from someone looking to sell some militaria,amongst the stuff is this parka.

Does anyone know anything about it please,and the dates it would have been used?

I've never seen one like it before!

Many thanks,


That is a Parka, extreme cold weather

22C 1301246

I believe it is issued as part of the Aircrew Survival Pack, they are still in use and bloody expensive! Just shy of £500 each.

Aircrew flightline parka issued for chilly places such as Goose Bay and Gander. It has a thick blanket like lining and I sold two on E Bay for 150 quid each recently........ Probably could have got more but I'm not greedy and needed a quick sale
Alpha industries did a copy of them recently, I think Mean and Green sold them in UK

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