Unknown Brit Troops In Hospital

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jonwilly, Jan 14, 2006.

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  1. http://news.independent.co.uk/world/middle_east/article338500.ece

    "The severity of his injuries has never been revealed and even many of his fellow soldiers in the Staffordshire Regiment were not told. One said yesterday that he was devastated when he bumped into him recently while visiting a friend at Selly Oak Hospital in Birmingham."

  2. What the eyes don't see...
    I think until this I still had some faith in the way the MoD treats it's soldiers, but now I'm not so sure. Anyone with their head screwed on knows there are injuries, but to have an inaccurate line from the MoD on such an important situation (for the public anyway) is worrying
  3. Bad CO

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    Absolutely shocking. Another point which has been raised on here before is to enquire about the notable absence of any visits to see the wounded by either senior politicians .... or dare I say it, the Royal Family. Certainly if they have happened I've yet to see it well publicised.
  4. I understand that there have been several private Royal visits.

    The government and the MOD have lied about the casualty statistics on a number of occasions; I would therefore not be surprised if they are now attempting to cover up details of the severity of injuries to suit their agenda. No different, I suppose, to the 'peace in our time' nonsense they are spinning in NI.
  5. :x Gone are the days when all returned as heroes, especially the wounded - e.g. Falklands
  6. Dr Reid said at the time: "I am pleased to say that they are being treated for minor injuries only and are expected to return to duty shortly."
    The soldier suffered 37% burns-how can this be classified as minor injury?
  7. Terrible, but then are we surprised the Goverment (nue labour) are keeping these things quiet... anything that doesent fit into their programme or is likely to upset it is either swept under the carpet or legislated against (Cenopath Protest to name but one....)

    Good luck Karl and wishes for a speedy recovery, same wishes go to all
  8. This must join the list of Labour ministerial untruths, alongside 45 minute WMDs and the risible guff about Telic medals.
  9. I vaguely know this guys family in passing (lives round the corner) and knew of his injuries a while back. What I didn't know was the absolute fcuking lies that the MOD had told. I'm still trying to get my head around whether it is a good or a bad thing that I have never heard of his family moaning about the treatment he has received from the military, or more specifically the MOD spin doctors.

    Not the sort of question I really want to ask either, I just hope that Karl has a speedy recovery.
  10. In the States we have several non-profit groups that assist our wounded soldiers/sailors/marine and airmen. If our guys need toiletries, reading material you name it people start some type of fund raising to help out. If you dont have an organization like that maybe arrse could fill that role. It would be a great way to get vets, wives of serving soldiers or just interested civies to make a contribution of time to make life a little easier for Britain's wounded hero's.
  11. Does anyone have any idea of the break down of the reasons these 4,000 servicemen have been flown home? Could it be that the majority that were taken ill, were ill due to wounds becoming infected?

  12. I imagine its similar to our experience - accidents/ill and enemy action. Accidents take almost as bad a toll as enemy action.
  13. There are specific provisions for hospital welfare for UK military, with full time staff in the hospitals. Rightly, this augments the unit's support. Some voluntary agencies provide things like TVs, days out and so on. There is probably a greater need for support after the wounded have left hospital - the current arrangements are hopeless.
  14. I feel a letter to my MP coming on!!
  15. This came up on ARRSE before and I think the result was that the MOD claims it does not keep those kind of records.

    T6, or any American poster - Do you have any idea on the ratio of deaths to serious injuries in the American Army? We know there have been 100 British deaths...