University to probe initiations

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Cr33p, Oct 2, 2008.

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  1. Linky

    It was a bit tormenting, but if you didn't do it you would get called a wuss".

    Ahh Bless them. being called a wuss, the horror!!!!

    I Fcuking hate students :twisted: :twisted:
  2. Wimps the lot of 'em. Sports teams initiations are a Right of Passage and should be a fiercely upheld tradition. I suffered horribly through mine at a certain North Eastern Polytechnic, ingesting laxatives mixed with vodka, chilli powder and Boddingtons, being chained to my 'brother' and being forced to streak naked through our rival institutions library and then down the Central Motorway to get my clothes. I was pissed on, spat at and ritually humilated. The highlight for me was ‘grand-slamming’ in the Hancock pub still chained to my ‘brother’. One kid got plasti-cuffed to the basin in a disabled toilet and left in a nightclub until the bouncer found him at 04:30 that morning. The video is a vision of Hell, and I know that it will surface on my wedding day or should I ever take public office. A night on which reputations are made and legends born. I even trapped. Admittedly, she was called ‘The Prop Shagger’ and had a face like the proverbial melted welly, but that’s not the point…

    The next year, I had been appointed Club Captain and had received the ‘try not to kill anyone’ speech from the AU president, who –incidentally- had been a key part of the shenanigans the season before. None-the-less, we booked the Student Union, collected money from the Fresher’s for booze, told them to bring cheese or wine with them, and waited with baited breath for the fun to begin.

    The idiots that had brought cheese had to eat the whole block in 3 minutes. The guys who had brought wine had to funnel it. Challenges included the ‘Dinner in a Pint Glass’ (Veg Soup/Chicken Curry/Wine/Custard/Cheese/Port), ‘Lick the Cream from the Props Feet race’, a round of ‘See It Off Or You’re G*y’ and other staples of rugby clubs across the country. Sadly, due to time constraints and a jobs-worth union worker ‘Dance of the Flaming Arrseholes’ was cancelled that year. Funnels and yards of ale were obtained and vast quantities of ale were imbibed and there was more nakedness than a naked thing on a nudist beach.

    Other poly traditions were upheld, such as running up the ‘down’ escalator en masse at the Haymarket. Naked. A team ‘warm up’ down Northumberland Street, a ‘Penguin Walk’ to Dobson’s (God rest it’s soul) and two fresher’s even ended up in the Tyne (I thought this was good, seeing as we were heading to The Gate, not the quayside.)

    No-body died, the tw*ts were weeded out, and we were left with a stronger, closer rugby club than before. The only rule we had was that you could only do to your ‘kids’ what you would be prepared to do yourself (this weeds out any proper bullies) and absolutely no violence towards the fresher’s (punishments were naked press ups, fines, or laps.). When we arrived at the final venue, All Fresher’s were welcomed into the rugby club officially and their careers as Poly Rugby Players began. Everyone ends up –seniors included- pissed as farts and it creates a common ground to develop on.

    Initiations are part and parcel of sporting life, does anybody have further tales of tomfoolery, nakedness, and heavy drinking?
  3. Our course bonding session invovled us all going out for fish and chips ( with free bread and butter) at weatherspoons......rock and roll
  4. You had to go to w@nkerspoons? That's a bit harsh.
  5. I bet my hamster could give this chinless prick a good shoeing... "they exclude..." my arrse... This w@anker was bullied as a kid... by girls...
  6. "They put students at serious risk and exclude students who don't want to take part in that binge-drinking culture."

    What a bag of pish.
    Living in a University town, I see students every night out binge drinking, nicking stuff, getting the crap kicked out of them by locals etc.
    So this big feckin girl needs to cut the apron strings from 'Mummy' , and go get pished.
    I bet he's one of the pontificators on a sunday in Costas telling the whole world [including those of us who couldnt really give a sh1t]. How he's hard up because Mumsy hasnt sent his weekly allowance.

    Fecking St Andrews students. W@nkers
  7. Binge drinking is one of the few aspects of our native culture we have left. That and despising students.