University TEWT Project (help needed please)

hello, hope you don't mind me intruding on your forum. i'm not a member of the armed forces but i am currently working on a project about TEWT's as part of my university degree and was just hoping that someone out there could shed some light on the subject. Obviously i've done some research on the subject but there isn't too much out there. Just in case anyone is unfamiliar wuth the term (i've had some problems on other forums) it stands for Tactical Exercise Without Troops.

I was just wondering if anyone could recommend any internet sites, books, films or other sources that might help me. Also if anyone has any info on the subject that they could pass on on this message board it would be greatly appreciated. The kind of stuff i am looking for is the origins of TEWT's, how they have developed over the years, they're purpose and how they are currently used by the armed forces. Also if anyone has any personal experience of taking part in any TEWT's then please let me know.

any help would be greatly apreciated.

I would get in touch with either Sandhurst or the Defence Academy at Shrivenham. The academics there should be able to give you something on the history and give you an "in" with the military writing/teaching staff who will run the TEWTs.

We did plenty on JCSC (preceded ICSC - Staff Course for Captains/Maj) ands again on ACSC (grown up staff College for Maj/Lt Cols)- mainly in US).

I should imagine TEWTS have been run in some form or other for as long as we have trained officers. I suspect the term is now a little dated and wargaming/rock drill are more common terms for similar exercises or rehearsals.

Unusual topic for someone with no military background.


TEWT - Tactical Exercise Without Trees?
JEWT - Jungle Exercise Without Trees?
NEWD - Night Exercise Without Darkness? And so on................

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