University or Army?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by LiamS92, Jul 26, 2011.

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  1. Hello all

    I am 18 years old, and I'm meant to start University in September, but my gut is saying to join the Army. I've been in the TA for just under a year now, and although it's good fun, it's just not doing enough to scratch my military itch. I can see the benefits of going to University first, as it means I have something to fall back on if ever I should leave the Army etc. I know it's the smart thing to do, but I don't know if I want to wait another 4 years to become a regular Soldier. My brain says "go to Uni" but my guy says "Join up". Any thoughts?

  2. You'll not find it easier to study for a degree in later life.
  3. Its a question only you can answer. However I would say that if youre going to study a proper subject then go to University, if youre going to study basket weaving or media studies purely to have a degree dont bother as it isnt worth the paper its printed on and youll find yourself 4 years down the line in a lot of debt with a useless qualification. I know several people with silly degrees working in paid by the hour retail jobs 5 years after graduating. The Army will still be there in 4 years.
  4. Go for Uni then RCB that is route I an encouraging for K Junior. Get your degree first. Be a STAB or OTC and then go to Sandbags.
  5. Haha, well it's a French degree, I speak it fluently already as I used to live out there... the original plan was to get the degree, then a teaching qualification, and remain in the TA whilst being a teacher... but like I say, I don't know if it's worth all the debt when what I really want to do is be a soldier?
  6. In that case I agree with KH. Go to Uni and get the qualification. Its something you can fall back on later in life and opens up further options to you 4 years down the line when you do join up. Theres always going to be work for translators.
  7. Do Uni, join Army, pay off debt (eventually), and have something to fall back on if you need it. As Sundance says, the Army will still be there in 4 years time.
  8. Go to uni mate its 4 years (3 in my case) of getting pissed, shagging birds and spending lots of money that isn't yours on lots of fancy dress. Also you could come in very handy for that new Anglo-French Brigade thing which should be up and running in a few years?
  9. Well there is the getting pissed and shagging birds side of it that I was looking forward too as well! When I heard the news of our alliance with the French, I mentioned my language skills to the OC at my unit, and he gave me the most polite "get fucked" I've ever got lol
  10. Were you thinking Officer or Soldier route?
  11. Soldier, as I'm hoping to join the Grenadier Guards, and I know how selective they are with their Officers. Also, I don't see myself as an Officer, unless I get one of them special promotions from WO2 to Captain, but that's a looooong way down the line.
  12. Well whatever you decide good luck but i would definitely advise going to university, i assume you would do a years placement in France which is what my mate is doing so that can't be too bad!
  13. Cheers, yeah it's 3 years studying in North London and one year in France (or possibly Canada). I haven't made up my mind yet, but whichever way I decide, I'm sure it'll be interesting. I'm glad I came on here for advice though, instead of going to a careers office, where I'd get nothing but promises of travelling the world, shagging birds and having a jolly up. Notice how they never mention anything about being on stag at 3 in the morning when it's pissing down? Lol
  14. Oooo Canada go there, at least if you can't be bothered with French you can just speak to the English speaking ones. Indeed, doesn't help when your section only has around 5 people init for each ex meaning you get to do stag 3 times but then again that's OTC for you hurrah!
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  15. Canada is great fun oh and stop typing 'lol'