University Officer Training Corps

Im joining bournemouth uni in 2012,
ive looked into UOTC's and im interested. as afterall once i leave uni i want to become an officer.

my questions are, has anyone been on a UOTC course? what was it like etc?

and if my uni doesnt do the UOTC couse, but southampton does, (8 miles apart).
will i be able to do the course there even though i dont go there?

thanks in advance
SUTOC covers both Pompey and Bournmouth well as winchester I think.

They will probably be around on freshers fair so go and ask. Usually about percentage from pompey (30%) or so and a smaller number from Bournmouth. Travel costs are paid i think still so it's not a major deal.
SUOTC covers: Portsmouth, Southampton, Bournemouth and Winchester.

Generally speaking SUOTC has more people from Southampton and Portsmouth than Bournemouth or Winchester but there are still a couple of people from each so you wouldn't be on your own - travel expenses can be claimed back (minus 1 miles worth of travel each way).

If you're going to join then either wait till freshers fair and there will be some people around to sign up with - failing that you can email them via the link that was put up. If you miss them at freshers then email them ASAP afterwards because if you miss the selection weekend then you have to wait another year to apply.

As far as the first training year goes you will do a selection weekend to make sure you are suitable - you will then spend the first year doing PT, learning to fire a weapon, learning to read a map, learning basic fieldcraft and doing basic medical training. All of that will finish with a two week summer camp where you put everything into practice and do some AT. You will lose nothing by signing up as you can leave whenever you want - give it a go and see what you think.

If you have any more questions then let me know.

[oh, and if you look around ARRSE you will find a dedicated OTC forum which should answer all your questions]

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