University Officer Training Corps + Hx Depression

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Iron_Fox, Nov 29, 2010.

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  1. Howdy!
    Just wanted to know what the chances of my application being deferred is if i've suffered a bout of bereavement related depression once last year, as it's for the OTC I kinda dont want to be deferred for too long if it can be helped in any way, otherwise i'm gonna be about the tallest in my intake by a clear foot...
    A little encouragement would be appreciated!
    Cheers Guys
  2. Depends which OTC, when I joined we didn't have a "selection", we had an "induction".
  3. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    It shouldn't be an issue, although it's likely that you've missed the boat for this year. Which university are you at/going to?
  4. Sorry, misread the thread title, seen OTC and depression..

    Seriously though, I was OTC and there was normal medical forms to be filled out etc and a medical to do, most people are just in OTC to get an extra few pound or get cheap drink so I don't think they would go to far into checking your medical unless you decide to take your military career further. It will also depend on which OTC as some aren't as popular as others..

    Hope you get in ;-)
  5. It might not be too late for this year actually. Some OTCs give the opportunity to join twice a year...usually during September freshers week and the first week after exams in January (in the case of Aberdeen anyhow)

    When I joined my friend failed his medical due to a suspected heart murmur and was told he couldn't join at that time. Meanwhile I fell sick and was hospitalised halfway through November missing weeks of training. My friend got the all clear from his heart problem and was invited to start training in the January recruitment drive. I was also put back into his group to catch up on the things I had missed.

    I'm not sure that it would happen everywhere, there were a fair amount of us starting in January so it was justified. If it had been just my pal starting on his own I think he may have had to wait until the following year.

    I don't think your depression should be too much of a problem, as has been said by another poster 'selection' tends to be more like an induction really. Its more of a formality than anything. You will probably have to do a medical and a PT session but its wee biscuits. Pads is spot on when he says most people are there for the cheap drink - it was the most attractive reason for me to join! Downside to that though is mess dress *groan*

    Would be worth phoning or emailing someone at your particular OTC and checking... although we had a January 'recruitment drive' it wasn't organised like the September one and seemed to rely on existing members twisting their mates arms to join and so unless you already knew someone in the OTC it was unlikely you would hear about it. Hope that helped.

    Good luck :)
  6. (OP) Aye, the problem was that I declared it on my medical form, believing that if I did the right thing at this point it wouldn't count against me when I did decided to take my career further (RMAS/Cranwell And beyond!). As such, they asked my permission to look further into my medical history, I duely gave them permission...
    This does raise the question, will it count against my application to RMAS/Cranwell?
  7. from "a friends" personal experience(albeit a number of years ago), if you were on meds for any amount of time you were screwed, i recall being told that the deferral was seven years in such instances

    no meds; counselling only, is another story and you would be best advised doing a site/google search for pulheems as its down to the RMO you end up seeing/speaking to

    it has since become apparent that the RMO i saw in '96 was a useless twunt so hopefully you'll have one thats more clued up [i have an unrelated scar on my chest after being mugged and was asked if that was where i'd tried to kill myself, dull prick!]

    no arsse back then for guidance and boo hooing to neither...
  8. (OP) I love it when people can tell it how it is :) By the time I get out of uni my 7 year sentence will be nearly over anyway! As for your RMO, he sounds like he was told to find any reason not to let people in...I hope things all turned out ok for you!
    Thanks again mate, I owe you a pint
  9. well you may find it barring your OTC run as well so best get it checked out/appealed against if you can
    seven years sounds medical, vet or architect, so look for sponsorship too if you're eligible etc

    the RMO in the long run did the right thing for the time i guess
    medical opinion changes and it helped me become the sweary little bastard i am today, yay neb!

    pob lwc bwt :)
  10. Not sure about OTC but my TA unit potentials need to have had two years free of medication/episode and an extra review from the MO...

    Might be worth asking yourself if you've had a bout of depression from a bereavement, is the army really for you?
  11. (OP) I have thought about this, but it was mostly due to threats from people who believed I was responsible (took him for a ride on my M-Bike once and he was convinced to get one).
    I was told in the medical interview that it was (by the book) a 2 year deferral for TA medicals, but they weren't entirely sure how it affected the OTC, as it's not particularly high-stress in the first year!
  12. I joined OTC this year and I had a selection. Wasn't too difficult, but then some people did fail the medical. However, when I was in there getting checked, it was pretty much check your knees and chest, off you go, your in.

    I don't know about depression though, but from my knowledge of the OTC, its worth giving it a go trying to get in. If you don't get in, your merely back to where you are now.