University of Portsmouth Calendar

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by pandaplodder, Sep 30, 2011.

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  1. Has anyone seen the unedited photos yet?

    Or are they going to be another holy grail of the unseen?
  2. OK how about link? Photos? etc and what are you going on about. We do not possess crystal balls to see what the fuck you are going on about.
  3. The link mentioned strangers making 'lewd and unplesant comments' But it's not been on ARRSE before.
  4. Fuck me do I have to do everything myself

  5. re-stilly. Looking at some of them, you won't have to do everything yourself.
  6. One from the top and five from anywhere else please, Rachel.
  7. and this

    Attached Files:

  8. By 'eck.

    No, in fact: By Fuck! Thank God I am in the Far East.

    Tuk Tuk! Take me me to an optician me glasses have cracked.
  9. You're just fucking spoilt. Any pics?
  10. Like I said the unedited ones are the holy grail lol
  11. I wonder whether they actually exist or is it a publicity ploy?

    A lot safer than kidnapping the Dean as in the days of yore. :)
  12. Followed the link to the Oxford calendar. Now there are some proper nice gels!
  13. Liked a Jeffrey Barnard quote I red last night:

    "Show me a woman in red patent leather stilletto heels and I'll show you a racing certainty" :wink:

    (Actually, I think "show me a woman in a Squadron T-shirt, Ron Hills and white plastic stiletto heels and I'll show you an Army Wife" would also have done...)