University of Lincoln - Military Programmes

I am currently researching online courses, and I have come across this:

Military Programmes - University of Lincoln

There isn't too much information about it on the site, and I have failed to find anyone who has attempted any of the courses, so I open it up to Arrse, can any of you shed some light on this? Could you give me details on the courses, mainly the BA (Hons) Business Management.
I don't want to pump all my Enhanced Learning credits on this, to then find out its complete rubbish and useless in civvy street.
I wouldn't bother were I you. It's basically the Tech from Monks Road moved to over by the Brayford. If you're going to be paying for it, go somewhere decent instead and get value for your money.
That doesn't sound too promising, I shall have a look elsewhere. Although it is ELC accredited so I would only be paying about 1000 pounds for the entire degree.


Although I cannot comment on the course you mention, Lincoln Uni is now an established place of learning. One of my mates is a law lecturer there, I'll ask him for you but it'll take a couple of days.

It is a great City and a pleasant place to live. (Except for the traffic, which is diabolical.)
Dunno if you received any reply to this. I have just graduated from the course you mentioned. Lincoln Uni is rated approx 50th I'm the UK. Many of my colleagues have used Staffs Uni for similar courses but they complain about the poor admin at Staffs Uni; its rated as approx 100th in the UK.

There were 40-50 people graduating on the same day, all from the various Lincoln Uni military programmes. For only 18 months study you get an honours award in a recognised degree. Some people have to do 3 years prior to this to gain a foundation degree first but the Lincoln Uni military programme 'credits' you with a foundation degree if you are Sgt or above as they see you already operating at this level, so that's 3 years study saved.

I really enjoyed my course and used 2 x elcs to pay the majority of it. I recently applied for some jobs and was told I wouldn't have been interviewed without a valid degree. I used it to consolidate my knowledge and skills from over 20 years in the armed forces and now have a secure, well paid, civvie job to go to.

If it fits your circumstances, then go for it.
Been looking at the University of Lincoln myself recently? How did are you finding it so far? Was it easy to get funding from ELCAS, etc?
I'd recommend it Deeis.

It took 18 months, was enjoyable and I learnt some new stuff. Funding was easy enough, it cost 2 enhanced learning projects plus about £1600 of my own money. An honours degree for 18 months of effort has got to be worth it.
Just applied for my second year, the application took three days, so very very easy!

I would wholeheartedly recommend doing it, PM me if you want any information or have any questions.

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