University Lecturers, Kurdistan

Discussion in 'Jobs Offered' started by Howler, Oct 2, 2012.

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  1. Following the recent teaching posts….

    Kurdistan/Northern Iraq

    I have ELT positions in ALL the major universities in Kurdistan.
    Erbil (Salahaddin), Duhok, Sulaymani, Zakho, Soran, Rania, plus private schools.

    We will provide:
    • Flights & transport
    • Free western standard accommodation
    • Free meals in the university lecturers’ canteen
    • All materials
    • 12 month contracts
    • Private medical cover

    Qualifications & experience:
    • BA or higher
    • CELTA/TESOL/TEFL cert (or DELTA)
    • 2 years experience

    Salary (tax free, no deductions)
    • BA - $2300 (USD) a month
    • MA - $3300 (USD) a month
    • PhD - to be discussed

    • Working day Sunday to Wednesday 9 to 2.30
    • Thursday 9 to 12.00
    • Friday & Saturday off
    • No more than 25 contact teaching hours
    • Teaching ELT and EAP
    • Immediate start

    Please PM me for more information
  2. What subjects are being taught?
  3. (Wah shield on)


    (Wah shield off)

    However, there may well be other subjects available, I'll ask at the Ministry of Ed today.
  4. A quick update...

    I've had some very positive PMs, so keep them coming if you are interested.
    I'll try to respond today, but if I don't please be patient, massively busy for a day or two.

    Just checked, other lecturer positions available also, particularly humanities.

    Thanks to all