University Lecturers, Kurdistan

Following the recent teaching posts….

Kurdistan/Northern Iraq

I have ELT positions in ALL the major universities in Kurdistan.
Erbil (Salahaddin), Duhok, Sulaymani, Zakho, Soran, Rania, plus private schools.

We will provide:
• Flights & transport
• Free western standard accommodation
• Free meals in the university lecturers’ canteen
• All materials
• 12 month contracts
• Private medical cover

Qualifications & experience:
• BA or higher
• 2 years experience

Salary (tax free, no deductions)
• BA - $2300 (USD) a month
• MA - $3300 (USD) a month
• PhD - to be discussed

• Working day Sunday to Wednesday 9 to 2.30
• Thursday 9 to 12.00
• Friday & Saturday off
• No more than 25 contact teaching hours
• Teaching ELT and EAP
• Immediate start

Please PM me for more information
(Wah shield on)


(Wah shield off)

However, there may well be other subjects available, I'll ask at the Ministry of Ed today.
A quick update...

I've had some very positive PMs, so keep them coming if you are interested.
I'll try to respond today, but if I don't please be patient, massively busy for a day or two.

Just checked, other lecturer positions available also, particularly humanities.

Thanks to all
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