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Discussion in 'Education and Resettlement Courses' started by Kybosh, Sep 29, 2012.

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  1. Does anyone else participate in the Forums & tutorials on their OU module. Is it just me who finds it full of people who complain about everything?

    Just started my third module 'Religion in History' and again I'm biting my fist as it seems full of ex hippies spouting off complete crap.

    Looks like i will study solitary again for this one.
  2. I did the MBA and made a minimal input to the forum...there were some who seemed to dedicate their life to it. They provided longer comments in the forum than the word count reqd for the actual I'd use their work. In fairness they were keen MBA types so no real hippy contentious sh*t, but their keenness did grate a bit.
  3. My fault for picking history.. Seems to attract the tree hugging sort.

    There is one individual who was on the last module A200 who went to pieces and walked out of last years exam. And now he is here gobbing off like he has a Phd ... weak as piss.
  4. What's the plan with doing History? Just interest or you're going to teach it?
  5. Ha ha was planning to teach, however i got naked on a Sunday session about 15 yrs ago and thus my CRB states 'indecent exposure' so that's kind of put that to bed.

    Mostly interest but a History degree is widely recognised in many industries as being worth while.
  6. I'm finishing a Classics Degree with the OU this year, the only forums I found to be a problem were on the first, more generic courses. This seemed to be mostly caused by people thinking they should have been the judge of the interdisciplinary components of the module and the allotted study thereof. What other modules have you done? I've got one left to pick before I graduate and the one you mentioned looks tempting - although I think I may settle for the new philosophy level three course.
  7. Holy sh*t.....there for the grace of God and all that!!!!
  8. Ha, we are in almost the exact same boat - planned to take a PGCE, started working at a school as a TA to help my application and subsequently found that I had a caution for 'threatening behaviour' from '05. These now NEVER get stepped down on full disclosure - it's a ******* piss take. I may still go ahead and do it as there is leeway for your potential employer to use their discretion but it will put me at a clear disadvantage. So my whole five year foray into education will be fucked and I will get back in the Army!
  9. I've done AA100 Arts Past & Present, A200 Exploring History 1400-1900 and now started A307 Religion in History.

    A200 is good in parts however the economics put me off. Thinking about doing a classics module but anymore Socrates and ill implode. Don't get philosophy at all unfortunately
  10. Yep.. It seems the CRB disadvantages many people. There is no context on the convictions for example 'drunk knob head squaddie takes his clothes off' to 'flasher shows his cake to school children'.

    Not sure whether ill risk going for PGCE, I'm toying with going to the ETS but not sure of the hoops to jump through
  11. I have never done an OU degree, but if it's any consolation the same types of "ultra keen c*nts" were in my History classes and tutorials...think yourself lucky you don't have to experience them in glorious technicolour and surround sound! I have never wanted to go postal more at any time in my life.
  12. Yeah the AA100 was the course I was referring to earlier - the forum was a complete waste of time. By and large it was an enjoyable module however. What's ETS? I have concluded that if your record will prevent you from getting a job at a school it will stop you getting on PGCE first. So if you can get through it and cash in on the Masters in Education the risk is minimal.
  13. ETS the old education corps.
  14. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    Never bothered with tutorials for the first couple of modules. Ms Skid ordered me to go to the next lot. I found them very informative and interesting. Maybe I was just lucky with the tutors. The other students probably found me as odd as I found them. Enjoyed the history and religion stuff. When asked why I just said it was a simple case of 'Knowing the enemy'.

    Did the Art History gig years back. Ms Skid is an art and archie buff. Art history was a godsend at least I can wander round an art gallery without getting bored shitless.
    Now its about time OU did something on European Battles and warfare.
  15. The OU are rewriting a few modules this year. Such as 'Total war' which will now cover the Falklands War etc. But I agree I think we (soldiers) have an advantage when it comes to discussions on conflict and its effects.