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Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by peeleo, Dec 28, 2008.

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  1. Hi,

    I heard a rumour recently that if you have been in the forces for longer than 6 years you are eligible to have your university fees paid for in full by the government?? This sounds very generous and possibly far to good to be true, does anybody on here know of any scheme?

    I'm thinking of NTT'ing to go off and be a mature student at DeMonfort doing forensic computing and if this is true my face would resemble a very happy cheshire cat.

    please be true,please be true,please be true :D
  2. Even if they do pay them, you'll only benefit in the long run (you wont get extra money whilst at university) and as it stands when you start earning over £15k a year, you pay back something like £240. So even if you are not eligible for fees, if you fancy a career change then go for it.
  3. It is a measure put forth in a command paper published by the MoD circa July 2008. I do not think it has been given effect yet. In any case, if it is a Degree you are going for, and you are a Home student, fees really aren't too much to worry about since, as alluded to above, you only start to repay the govt when you earn above a certain amount and then only a small amount at a time. This is not debt that someone will knock on your door about.

    The real financial worry, imo, comes from living expenses. The command paper does not mention any other bonuses at all. The command paper also limits it to courses up to degree level so if you are after a masters, then it is no help at all.
  4. Agreed the plan to give ex-servicemen a reduction in tuition fees is no real incentive to go into higher education. I'm in my second year with two more to go. It's not going to make a jot of difference while you are actually studying which is when you need all the financial help you can get, unless you are lucky enough to have the means to self fund.
  5. Not sure on the state of play with the MoD's contributions at this time, but I would suggest taking a trip over to your local ETS. They're best placed to comment on these issues.

    If there is no current assistance from the MoD, then dependant upon your income, you may be entitled (as are most students) to non-refundable grants and a bursary of anything up to several grand combined. I would suggest that you contact DeMontford beforehand. Also, if it's a BSc you'll be entitled to the grants & loans (or part thereof dependant upon personal finances), but if it's an MSc, you won't be entitled to any grants, and only a few Universities will offer you any financial assistance towards fees.

    However, I happen to know of a very good University where they will pay you a non-refundable bursary of up to £2400 for a £3700 MSc qualification in your very subject (only if you are doing it full time), and who will pay you back from your £1300 outlay, the sum of £500 when you complete your PG Dip stage and have started on your dissertation, meaning that at the end of the day, you paid only £800 for your Masters. If you need to know more PM me.

    If it's a BSc that you are chasing, the Student Support secitio of the same Uni are very helpful, particulalry where mature students taking their first veture into higher education are concerned. The bloke who runs the degree you are interested in is very up to speed on his subject matter, even though he bears a closely resemblence to the comic book shop owner from the Simpsons.

    Shop around and ask lots of questions before you decide on which Uni to go to. You've got plenty time. Be wary of these 'forensic qualifications' that are being advertised though, as quite a few are just tosh. Also, have a look at employers likely to want someone with that skill. Are they asking for a first degree as well as a Masters. Many won't employ you nowadays on the MSc alone as it does not provide you with a good grounding on the subject. A MSc is seen by qute a few employers as just an add on. Many post-graduates find this out to their cost and end up pretty disappointed, but this is what has come from the plethora of 'forensic' qualifications which are on offer nowadays.

    If it's a BSc you are hoping to take on, make sure that it's a subject which you actually enjoy (as well as one which will lead to gainful employment) as you'll be there for 3 years.
  6. You could always look at taking a career break rather than signing off. You get to keep your quarter for a bit and you could use your enhanced learning credits to help with the fees. If you go onto ArmyNet and look on Doing Alright there are more details on there. I'm currently studying for a BSc (Hons) at the moment so know there is a fair bit of work involved but it is worth it in the long run.
  7. How about applying your ELC credits to the tuition fees?

    I'm currently using mine (lower tier) on a 2 year masters degree; which is essentially £3000 paid for (a grand per calendar year x 3 years), just under half the cost of the course.

    Once the higher tier starts kicking in (is it after 8 years service from the year 2000?), that'll be £2000 quid per year for three years, which should pretty much take care off all your tuition costs.

    As has been stated however, if yo go back to being a real stoodent gwant, its the rest of the living costs that are the real ones to worry about.
  8. I've got the higher tier and I think I will only end up paying about £800 over three years for fees which is not bad at all.
  9. Is there a list anywhere of what you can use your learning credits for, can they be used for any masters ???
  10. I think there is a list of approved learning institutions on the ELC website.
  11. Well i didnt do 6 years so i won`t get the money. But iv got enough off my last Op Telic tour to do a HND ( Higher national diploma) so im pretty lucky.
  12. Here is the offical information on this scheme. Having just finished an Hons Degree through the Open Uni and funded it myself and with the use of SLC's, it's a bit annoying to see that they will not fund an MA/MSc.

  13. There is a DIN that will become available on this very soon! March 09 if I'm told correctly.