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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Leicester26, Apr 15, 2013.

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  1. Hello everyone.

    I am a currently carrying out my dissertation (BA) at the University Of Leicester which looks to establish the influence military life has on personnel upon leaving the services and their reintegration into 'civvie' society.

    I have acquired permission from one of the site admins to ask if anyone would be interested in participating in my questionnaire (current and ex personnel can participate). If so, It will only take 10-15 minutes to complete and If any willing participants message me on here or my email address I can pass on the consent form and the questionnaire.

    If there are any queries, such as why i'm carrying out this particular dissertation and the storage of data please do not hesitate to contact me on either of the options above.

    I thank you all for your time in reading this.
  2. Not again please! make it stop....
  3. Word of warning: You may receive numerous offers for participation from bluffers who's total experience of service life is having a Cousin (Twice-removed) do his national service in the 50's, but was discharged in training due to flat feet.

    Me personally, I did 17 yrs UKSF with 19 of them in the Para Commando Medic Reaction Regiment, but as you can imagine, I can't talk about it
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  4. I was a batman on tuesday but I mostly enjoyed being wonderwoman on saturdays, most of the time I am waiting for boring student requests for dissertations, live my life for it honestly!
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  5. What a Walt!
    Wait until you take & pass the elite All Arms Storemans Course at SEME, Bordon.
    You get your own field kit of a pad of 1033's to go out and do good for the G4 branch.
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  6. Ah yes, the formidible AFG1033. Killed more careers than the AK47
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  7. I think you'll find that the FMed 4 killed more than the two combined.....
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  8. Hang on, just getting the popcorn ...
  9. FMed 8 surely? :wink:
  10. that just made them mad as hell
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  11. Would you be interested in my experiences with the Worcestershire Artists Hussars? I have many happy memories of my time with the WAH.
  12. I have nearly completed my 22 years having joined the ACC in 1991. As soon as I've resat the Part 1 Chef's exam again i'll let you know my availability

  13. You do exams?
  14. Ofcourse they do exams. you don't think they are tought to cook like that!
  15. Dear Leicester26
    You'll be lucky to get any sense out of this lot until the drugs wear off. Suggest you try Corky341's post on Miscellaneous Jokes.