University discounts for Ex-Servicemen?

Discussion in 'Education and Resettlement Courses' started by Tactical_Ted, Sep 17, 2010.

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  1. I'm 26 and have been in the REME eight years. I am gradually getting more and more tired of repeatedly being let down for courses/tours and have hit a wall in respects of career advancement. Knowing where I sit in the opinion of the Corps I am now looking to leave and go to University. I have heard rumours that the government will provide large discounts for Ex-Servicemen and also that "mature students" recieve cheaper fees. Can somebody please confirm or deny these claims?


  2. I can't comment on discounts for ex-servicemen, but i'm a mature student and have always paid the same tuition fees as everyone else. The only difference is, you may be entitled to a larger student loan/grant due to be an independent applicant - and even more money if you have dependants.

  3. Again, cant say about ex-service but being over 21 you have greater access to cash - "career development loan" for example and the restrictions on what you can study are far less. Best of luck
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  5. As the above have said, no discounts on Uni courses (that I'm aware of) but you should have access to additional funding. Also, depending on the sort of course you'll be studying there are bursaries available from both the universities and other agencies which might cover your fees, then a student loan and part-time job might provide you with enough to live on. Your advisors may be getting confused with resettlement courses provided by civilian agencies which may appear to be "discounted" or "cheap". Ask the resettlement officer for advice.
  6. I've recently decided to get edumacated whilst I am an inmate at Headley Court, the Captain informed me that the Army will pay for your first degree (applies to all ranks). This will, however, suck up any Enhanced Learning Credits you have remaining. She advised me to use my ELCs, but ensure that I don't receive a degree.

    I do not know if the payment for the degree extends to outside the service in the same way ELCs are extant for 10 years once you leave.
  7. Sounds a bit to good to be true "the Army will pay for your first degree (applies to all ranks)". This may be if your degree is related to your trade and is part of your expected career progression, or perhaps the capt is referring to getting a percentage of the fees paid (prob through your ELC) for an OU degree? Things may have changed in the 4 years I've been out, but the only bods I knew who got degrees while still serving were doing OU courses and claiming the fees back from their annual educational allowance thingy, or were in some sort of technical trade which got them a degree equivalent once they'd reached the appropriate level. Officers seemed to get a different deal.
  8. I'm only relaying what the education officer was telling me. There probably is a percentage that you have to pay, possibly 20% (same as ELC). It doesn't have to be trade related or benificial to the Army.
  9. Sounds like it's worth investigating, good luck!
  10. Dingerr, I'm doing a degree at the moment and the ELC's cover the costs nicely (although there is the usual wastage in so far as you lose money if you don't claim the whole £2000) You still have to make a contribution of 20% of the course fees (for each module) but that's not so bad.

    Why were you told not to get the degree? That sounds a bit wierd seeing as you will have done all the work.
  11. Use the ELCs to their max, but do not gain a degree with them.

    Then undertake a degree course and the Army will fund that too.

    If you don't use the ELCs it gets sucked up by the degree.
  12. I think Newcastle uni does discounts for Ex Mil who are going for technical degrees - I think I read it soldier mag or craftybogroll.
  13. The ETS (?) captain sounds like she's confused or something. If you've done 6 years when you are discharged, you can use ELCs to cover the first grand of each year's study (a degree takes 3 years and you've got 3 shots at ELC) and MOD picks up the rest of the bill. If you've used up your ELCs, MOD may give you a grant equal to a career development loan (but don't bet on it).
  14. What is to say you are not confused? After all, it is her job to know and this is recent information, when did you last look into it?
  15. I have just graduated as a mature student. The way it worked when I started was, you had to be over the age of 25, and you where entitled to a grant from the goverment that covered tuition fees.

    There was something in the media a year back about similar schemes for those that had completed a term of service. In all honesty, it was nothing more than you would be entitled to any way.

    Please bear in mind this might have changed give the current financial climate.

    Having just graduated and nailed a job, my best advice is, if you are going to go to uni, pick a vocational course that is industry focused. Mine was in broadcast engineering, it was hard work but is paying off.

    Many degrees's start as a foundation year. This is what I did. No GCSE's no A levels, Degree, job, dialled.

    If anyone needs any further gen on the subject PM me. I am happy to have a dig round or at least point off in the right direction.