University degree sponsored, now medically unfit

Posting on behalf of a friend, not having a degree myself means I have no experience of this side of things.

Young lad in my daughters Uni house was having his degree mostly funded by the army whilst he trained with them and then was due to enter the service etc. He got his knee royally fucked up during training and due to crappy care and so on it remains pretty knackered so they have found him medically unfit. And now he's been told he has to repay the costs of his education. This poor kid is one sad panda I can tell you. [\QUOTE]

Are there any other resources or guidance open to him, or it it simply endex and pay back the tuition?


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I think you'll find that he has a good case not to pay it back. He should ring the sponsership department and if they give him no joy then he should have a University liaison officer who will have lots of experience of these things.

I would be very suprised if they can force him to repay due to an injury, especially if it was attributable to military training (OTC I assume)



Also advise him to find copies (or request them) of the contract / documents he signed when he accepted the sponsorship. Might be cheaper to run them past an employment solicitor to see if he has a case for not needing to pay.


I've just had a flick through my Undergraduate Bursary Contract (presumably similar to his...?), and it doesn't specify anything which is really related to this circumstance.
If he sat on his injury for a bit and didn't tell anyone then there is a clause which could render him liable to repay. Furthermore, it says that "Withdrawal from the scheme will require the refund to the MOD of all bursary monies received to date". Now, looking at the paragraph, I'd have thought that the point is that if you decide not to join, then you can give the Army their money back, but nowhere does it specify that withdrawing for medical reasons is an exemption. I'd hope that if he gets on their case they'll reverse the decision, but if they want to press through then going off what I've got, they've got the paperwork that will allow them to do so.


Paragraph 21 of the Undergraduate Bursary Contract (2010) states:

"AUAB Secretariat, RMAS and the UOTC CO are to be notified immediately of any change of circumstance (eg. injury or illness) which might affect the ability of a Bursar to complete the Commissioning course. If in any doubt as to the seriousness of an injury or illness, AUAB Secretariat should be contaced and if necessary a medical examination will be arranged. Arrangements can be made for a confidential meeting with an Army medical officer if required. Failure to notify could render the Bursar liable to repay all bursary payments."

So my understanding of that is that if he notified the relevant people at RMAS immediately after the injury occured (or he was informed by a doctor of it's possible physical implications) then he is not liable to pay and if they insist then he should be able to contest it - if he failed to do that then I'm afraid there doesn't look like there is much he can do.

This all assumes he is on a Undergraduate Bursary and not a Cadetship or something.

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