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University Challenge - The Professionals

I know some of you may have caught this on TV, but this puts the Army's defeat into some sort of context.

On 21 June at 2030 hrs on BBC2, a team from the British Army took on a team of journalists in the current series of University Challenge - The Professionals, a spin off from University Challenge.

A team of four officers from the Defence Academy in Shrivenham represented the British Army.

Lt Col Jeremy Drage (Royal Artillery) captained the British Army team, comprised of Maj Frances Batty (Adjutant General's Corps), Maj Matthew Edwards (Light Dragoons) and Maj Tim Law (Royal Artillery).

Jeremy Paxman hosts the programme in which twenty-two teams of top professionals compete as representatives of their organisations with the goal of winning the quiz show.

Lt Col Jeremy Drage said, 'Army personnel strive to be the best in whatever we do. People generally only see the Army when it's on operational duty across the world, so it's good that we have this opportunity to show a different side of Army life.

'Our ability to think quickly under pressure and to work effectively both as a team unit and as individuals stood us in good stead for the programme.'

Although the Army team gave a fine performance, the Journalists narrowly won through.

The results so far in this series are as follows:

First round
Crossword Compilers 80 vs 180 British Library
CBI 100 vs 95 Royal Opera
Public Relations 180 vs 105 Zoological Society of London
Home Office 85 vs 185 Foreign Office
The Army 115 vs 140 Journalists

You may remember that the Royal Naval College participated last year, losing out to the Women's Institute 35-150.
Last year, the Inland Revenue beat the Met Office in the Final, by 154 points to 110. I love the fact that the Army reporter felt the need to mention that the Senior Service got crushed by a 'bunch of girls' last year! :D
Interestingly enough Edwards' nickname in the Light Dragoons was "the cnut"
Puerile I know but if you know the individual quite apt!

It gave many greta pleasure to see him looking like tim nice but dim for most of the show

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