University Challenge on BBC2 Now

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by pcar964, Nov 23, 2009.

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  1. Is Woolley, he or she?

  2. He. Adam's Apple gives it away. Not to mention the masculine features and deep voice!
  3. ^^^ That's exactly what I thought, wanted other opinion.


    Strange to go on a national high profile programme when so obviously a tranny.
  4. But would you?
  5. deffo adams apple and she sounded like she'd been sniffin martina navratalovas p!ss.

    more balls than me I reckon
  6. An ex Oxford boy. Very pretty mouth got chucked out for wearing womens underwear at thesis lectures
  7. Definately pre op :D
  8. As a close friend of Mr McKenna, I can confirm that Mr/Ms Wooley is indeed pre op.
  9. Yep, big balls to go on University Challenge with apple, c0ck & balls wearing a skirt ;)
  10. Not for much longer :D
  11. ^^^

    lmao scarletto, good post

  12. Is " she "" the one who got roasted ?
  13. Looks like Charlie Bormans sister
  14. Spanny yes she was roasted, her mouth was so pretty, it was hushed up and she left after being made to sign the thesis team disclaimer.

    Spanny I hope I wasn't too rough with you the other night, but your mouth and your clothing just made me wild darling boy, my pretty, see you soon spanners, wear the blue y fronts again, so European darling