Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by The-Goose, Apr 7, 2009.

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  1. My Nephew got his cadetship 2 years ago and goes to RMAS on the "vicars & tarts course" - whats that all about?

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  3. The "Vicars & Tarts" commissioning course is run for professionally qualified officers such as Doctors, lawyers, vets and, wait for it, Vicars....

    They get a cut down version of the CC with only the essential bits such as standing up, sitting down and walking about in a ginger suit..
  4. Which Corps is he joining? Tarts & Vicars is for PQOs (as mentioned above), but maybe your nephew is doing a TA Commissioning Course?
  5. No mate Medic (Doctor)
  6. Yeah - so he is going to be a Professionally Qualified Officer (PQO). They do the Sandhurst "short course" universally known as Tarts and Vicars, then runs on a different promotion and pay scale to "normal" Officers.

    Their promotion is accelerated and they are paid more to reflect what Doctors would get in civvi street and the fact they do longer at uni.

    If I remember correctly, they (Doctors) also have a funny way of doing their first tour in the army before going to Sandhurst, usually in a hospital. they wear the uniform, but don't necessarily know about the Army. They then go to do the Sandhurst course and then go on another attachment. They may not become a Regimental Doctor, in regular contact with soldiers, until their 3rd tour.
  7. Cool, thanks Guys.
  8. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    My brother was on a medical cadetship with the Navy a couple of years back. As Django says, his first 'tour' was his post qualification year in the NHS, followed by the PQO's course at Dartmouth and then various Naval related courses. I don't think he actually got his hands on any sailors until about two years after qualification.
  9. Also, if a potential 'vicar or tart' is in the TA or UOTC whilst at university they are paid a cadetship, sometimes as much as £15,000 if i remember correctly. The also get a 'pip in the post' ie they dont actually have to go to RMAS at all to get their first pip.
  10. True, I ADO'd a division of PQOs going through BRNC. Was a bit bemused that they'd already served as dentists or nurses or the like for a good while at various of HM Naval Bases and in Argus I think, and came to do initial officer training (the short course) after that for some reason :?

    Surely giving people the basics before letting them out in the Army/Fleet would make more sense?
  11. If you can fit the 'basics' in to the 3 or 4 weeks between graduation and starting NHS rotations on 1st August, be my guest. Foundation training is run in and by the NHS, not the forces so first year docs need to run by their timetable.
  12. Ah gotcha, its medically-driven, so these PQOs go to work directly in the NHS, and not in Forces posts?
  13. I guess they must have to follow the approved civi quals to gain the full recognition of their degrees.
  14. Yeah, they get all the same training a civvie would, but the difference is the army pays for all of the continuation training, pretty sweet deal if you ask me.
  15. Doctors will graduate from clinical school and then do the first two years of clinical practice (foundation posts) as normal. The only difference to any other doctor is that posts are guaranteed (as they are at an MDHU) and they are promoted to 2lt at med school, lt on graduation and Capt after their first year. The pay is also a fair bit higher than the NHS.

    After these two years they do the vicars and tarts plus a lot of other stuff to do with how medicine in the army operates, then they do 1.5 years general duties time which will include tours to hot and sandy hospitals. After that, specialist training.

    As far as I can tell its a pretty odd existence, with most of your career spent half in green and half in civvi street. Doesn't stop me going for the same thing though. Congratulations to your nephew.