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Can you apply and do your aosb with an conditional offer or does it have to be a confirmed unconditional offer? Also i'm thinking about writing to a few regiments i'm interested in and seeing if i can arrange a visit to a few, is this a good idea and does it normally happen? I want to go into a combat role so will this affect my chances of a bursary because most will go to medical students? i'm predicted BBB this year.

thanks in advance

Not sure about the offers but I was awarded a bursary in my second year of a War Studies degree. Most of the bursars I met did a wide assortment of degrees from law to philosophy. Medical students tend to opt more for the medical cadetship.

As for the visits crack on the more the better.
Hey Phil,

I'm not sure, but I applied to the AOSB with conditional offers, and my briefing is in 4 weeks - no mention of the nature of my offer, so I'd imagine that it isn't really an issue. However, you might want to check with an ACA(O) first though. Also, I would definitely recommend getting on as many fam visits as possible. I've been on a few now and they are a good way to meet like minded people and gain some experience -plus they are great fun too. And regarding medical bursaries and undergraduate bursaries - I may be wrong here but I think that medical students apply for a different type of bursary, as do dentists. However, I am willing to be corrected here as I'm not entirely certain.

Hope this helps,

just done briefing and there was a lad in his first year there, he wanted to pass in view of going on to sandhurst later on once he'd cmpleted his degree

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