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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by JayCam, Jun 16, 2006.

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  1. I am currently a second year university student (so OTC is out of the question and I dont want to do that anyway) who is considering joining the TA. The only thing is though, if I got mobilised before summer of 2007 it would completely mess up my degree and would be a waste of several thousand pounds and 2 years hard work.

    Is this something I need to worry about or is there a way around it? Of course by joining the TA i expect to be mobilised at some point but is there someway to not be mobilised until I have finished my degree?

    Thanks in advance for any input/advice anyone here has I would appreciate it.

  2. I sense another Wiki page/addition to the FAQ's coming on.

    You will not be mobilised while you are a student.
  3. Plus second year is to all intents and purposes over. It will take you a good year to do your training, by which time you will be finished. Give it some thlught as to whether you will have the time or would be better off concentrating on your degree and doing the training after. Depends on your degree really.
  4. If you've not even joined yet, then there is very little chance of you being mobilised before you finish your degree in any case. By the time, you've gone through all the admin involved in joining, then recruit training and then CIC/trade training in all liklihood you will have finished you degree before then anyway. One thing I would say is that training can be quite intensive and make sure you take enough time in your final year to do well in your degree. I was fully trained by the time I got to my final year so was able to miss a few weekends during finals. But its recruit weekends, you need to go on then it will be more difficult. I would consider waiting until i had finished uni.
  5. Students may not be compusorarily mobilised, but may volunteer for mobilisation.
  6. That's not very nice!!!

    But, also very true. We've got quite a few tax-dodging, future McDonalds 3-star employees at our Unit. (as has most Units I guess!?)
  7. I don't really get where all this student knocking comes from (well I do, I mean an awful lot of them are far too liberal with their views and always enjoy a good protest). However, what is the point in knocking a student who has expressed an interest in the army?
  9. That's not quite the case.

    Being in full time education gives you a bone fide cause for excemption, but does not necessarily prevent that brown envelope from landing on your doorstep in the first place...'s then up to you if you want to pull the emergency stop handle!
  10. I joined the TA before I went to Uni as I realised that everyone needed some form of job to pay for the beer tokens during term time. By the end of the first year, most of the people I knew had all got jobs (bar man/person, shop work etc). I just thought that the TA would be a little more fun and give me something different to do.

    I'm sure all students these days work really very hard, probably 10hrs a week or so and therefore 1 evening and 1 or 2 weekends a month really isn't that difficult a commitment to make. After all, if you were in a sports club and held a saturday job, it would be just as much commitment. I suppose its all about managing your life, which is probably pretty good practice for after uni.

    Go for it, enjoy some extra dosh and impressing the birds with your tales of daring do.
  11. msr

    msr LE

    FAQ and wiki page created. Perhaps someone with a bit more time on their hands (a student?) could really get amongst the wiki page?

  12. Why are you dismissing the OTC? I only discovered it in my final year at Uni (alas), and easily managed to fit it in. More accommodating to your student life than TA plus in one year at OTC I did way more training and learnt loads more than recruits do these days as it's so drawn out. Good base for TA when you leave. And you don't have to be a Pot Offr to want to play with them. Myself and a few other ex OTCers at my unit have not gone down the commissioning route, but had some valauble experience when we joined. Socially, it's ace. Plus obviously no fear of mobilisation. Just worth considering.
  13. MSR,

    I have just literally finished uni, (and am approaching 5 years servive in TA) and have plenty of spare time on my hands at the moment whilst milking the fact I am still technically a student untill graduation ;)
    Only downside is that I do not have unlimited access to the internet anymore as I have not got it installed in my new place yet thus may be a bit patchy with posts.

    Otherwise am more then happy to add my 2p to the wiki with regards to getting messages across in a language understandable to people who do not speak adminess (such as myself! ;) )
  14. lol if only I had more time on my hands... I am now thinking I wont join the TA and join up for a stint in the regulars as a comms tech or some such thing (I havnt researched all the trades available) as I would come out with a qualification of some sorts or at least something to put on my CV whereas if i joined my local TA unit I would have to be infantry which to be honest I am not super keen on.

    At my uni, you have to have 2 years of uni left in order to join the OTC, I only have one. Also I know a few people in it.. it seems like a joke. I dont know much about it but all they seem to do it go on skiing holidays lol.